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The Witcher 3 Missions Chart And End Of Game

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The Witcher 3 Missions

The Witcher 3 is an action-role play open-world game. It is a very interesting game because there are a lot of missions in this game. In this article, we will tell you about some of the main The Witcher 3 missions. In the prologue we will find five main The Witcher 3 missions and a secondary one (in italics):

  1. Kaer Morhen
  2. Lilac and currants
  3. The White Garden Beast
  4. On deathbed
  5. The White Garden incident
  6. An audience with the emperor

We also have some console commands and tricks which you may need or helpful for you.

Mission: Kaer Morhen

A dream of Geralt. Your relaxation bath is interrupted by the intrusion of an illusion created by Yennefer. It’s your turn to take a look at little Ciri. Use your sorcerer’s senses to find the key deposited on a table near the door. Pick it up and open the doors to get off.

Below, Vesemir indoctrinates little Ciri. After a little conversation, Ciri offers you a small movement tutorial that you can accept or decline. Shortly after, Vesemir will offer you another tutorial, on this occasion of combat. If you have played The Witcher before, you will not find news significant enough to do the tutorials, but there you have them.

In any case, it is recommended that you keep in mind that dialogues often have lines in which you must intervene. Those whose lines are yellow serve to continue the story, while White serves to delve into the existing conversation or perform actions such as looking at a merchant’s inventory. It is a maxim that will be present throughout the game.

Mission: Lilac and Currants (I)

Wake up from the strange dream accompanied by Vesemir and looking for Ciri. Shortly after reading a letter from Yennefer, you face a small pack of ghouls.

Remember the basics of combat: a silver sword for monsters linked to magic. The silver-colored health bar is a good clue. Obviously they are very easy to kill creatures but be sure to dodge their blows so as not to start badly. Do not hurry. Vesemir knows how to defend himself.

After freeing yourself from its claws, follow Vesemir until you find a merchant attacked by a tap. Save him (calm down, you still don’t have to beat the tap, it’s just a cinematic one) and ask him about Yennefer. It will send you to the tavern of Huerto Blanco, your next destination.

Go there on the back of Sardinilla next to Vesemir and talk to the lady who runs the tavern, and later with a bald and lonely man who drinks at the bottom of the tavern. Gaunter O ‘Dim, calls himself. He will send you to the garrison to keep track of Yen.

Before leaving, it is recommended that you do two things: the first is to talk to one of the farmers in the tavern who teaches you to play Gwent. You don’t need to do it, but it’s a very entertaining card game that you can play later with your own personalized deck. In fact, try to buy the woman some cards now. The other thing you are interested in doing is buying a bottle of dwarf liquor from the tavern.

At the exit, you will face three annoying peasants. Do not bother using Axia against them because in public it is useless, but at least it helps you to keep in mind that you can use Axia to get out of some hostile conversations. It is a very simple melee, but it ends first with the one with the tattooed arms just in case.

the witcher 3 mission chart

Then, set course for the garrison. Climb the fortress and talk to the guards to let you see Captain Peter Saar. He will give you information about Yennefer if you take care of the tap, so go see a couple of characters …

Mission: Lilac and Currants (II)

After killing the tap, he returns to the White Garden inn along with Vesemir.

Mission: The White Garden Incident

Inside the tavern of Huerto Blanco, the tension between the northerners and the Nilfgaardians is palpable in the air. It ends up resulting in a quarrel with a few clients. They are not very strong, but they are many. By pulling the aard signal and helped by Vesemir you should be able to dispatch them all immediately.

After that, you are forced to leave, where the very Yennefer is waiting for you, accompanied by a Nilfgaardian escort. He promises to give you explanations after you accompany her to Wyzima, where Emperor Emhyr var Emreis wants to talk to you. Along the way, the wild hunt makes an appearance. Only you and Yennefer survive, so you march to the castle.

Mission: The White Garden Beast (I)

These are the two characters you must visit. Mark the objectives in the order you prefer.

  1. Tamira, the herbalist who will help you get the grass you need to tend a plant to the tap. Talk to her about her patient, Lena, to start the mission “On the deathbed.”
  2. The hunter Mislav, a witness of the facts, will give you additional indications about the monster.

Tamira will tell you where the buckthorn grows, so approach the indicated area and use the sorcerer’s perception to find him. It’s underwater, so you’ll have to dive.

On the other hand, when you go to see Mislav, he will not be at home. Track your tracks to a nearby point. He’s hunting some evil dogs, and you can decide if you want to help him or not before he tells you where he saw the Nilfgaardian soldiers. Even if you decide to help him against dogs, you can stay a few meters away and let his bow kill them. Helping you allows you to delve into it as a character. In any case, follow him to the place where he spotted the Nilfgaardians.

From there, follow the tracks and the trail of footprints until you reach the nest where you will find the body of a real female tap. The problematic tap was his male partner.

Return with Vesemir (still in the White Garden tavern) when you have obtained the hawthorn and have the information about the tap. Tell him what you are wearing and, when you are ready, let him know.

It is a good idea to prepare properly before the confrontation. Level up by completing side quests and killing enemies, try to carry oil for hybrids or a hive bomb. Also prepare a lightning potion.

Mission: The White Garden Beast (II)

The time has come to kill the real tap. Vesemir will give you a crossbow that you must equip in the radial menu to be able to use it in combat.

The crossbow is used when the tap descends to the ground so that it falls to the ground and is exposed for several seconds. The lightning potion will help you do extra damage, although as you can imagine the bulk of the damage is the one you generate for yourself.

Attacking in front of a tap is not a very good idea, so try to throw an aard signal (with which, if you are very good, you can knock it down) or igni to weaken its wings and have more exposure for body blows. When it is on the ground, it attacks by beating its wings from one side to the front.

Mission: An audience with the emperor

After taking a relaxing bath, the chamberlain wants you to prepare for the audience. So it’s your turn to answer some questions from Commander Morvran Voorhis. These questions have to do with The Witcher 2, so if you play on the console or on a PC without a saved game from the previous game, keep in mind that what you answer will affect the future of the game as follows.

  1. If you’ve killed or said you killed Arjan Lavalette, change some conversations with Molly in the “Broken Flowers” ​​mission.
  2. The issue about Vernon Roche or Iorveth only affects a small conversation of the mission “In Search of Bastard Son.”
  3. If you have killed or claim to have killed Sile de Tansarville, it will not appear in the mission “The Great Escape.”
  4. If you say that Letho is still alive you can play the mission “Ghosts of the past” and if you say that he is dead, no.

Then, you will have to choose an outfit from those that offer you, equip it from the inventory and talk to the chamberlain to show you a bow. To ensure that you have understood, you must show that you know how to do it by choosing the option “extend your left leg forward, place your right hand on your chest” when you talk with him.

Then, you should talk to the emperor (no matter what you say at all times) to start looking for the missing Ciri. Yennefer will explain to you why the wild hunt is behind her.

So, it is recommended that …

  1. Go first to Velen, the most promising place.
  2. Then, to Novigrado, where you will find Triss Merigold.
  3. Finally, to Skellige, where there has been a great explosion.

Although you can go in the order you want, the most logical thing is to do it in the order described above.

Remember to speak with the ambassador var Attre in the next room to learn more about the history of the game, and now play with a Nilfgaardian nobleman to a game of Gwynt to get his exclusive card.

Secondary Mission: On the Deathbed

Bring a swallow potion to Tomira to give it to Lena. The ingredients are:

  1. Dwarf liquor (purchased for 47 crowns in the tavern)
  2. Celidonia x5 (it is cultivated next to Tomira’s house)
  3. Submerged brains x4 (obtained from the bodies of the submerged, on the banks of any river)

When you give it to him, you will get your reward.

End of the game

Below is a list of events that may occur before showing you the final credit sequence when you finish the “Tedd Deireadh, the Final Era” mission. All are related to the decisions you have made during the rest of the game.

1.- The bloodthirsty Baron If you eliminated the spirit in “The Hill of Whispers”, the baron takes his wife to the blue mountains. If you released him, then the baron’s wife became a horrendous witch who died, and the baron killed himself.

2.- Sarah the baby if you chose to agree with the baby in “Dreaming in Novigrado”, now live with Corrine in the same house. If you kicked her out, she will be gone and now she will be Johnny’s friend.

3.- Keira Metz If in “For the advancement of knowledge” you convinced Keira to go to Kaer Morhen, she will become friends with Lambert and they will travel together after the battle. If instead, you recommended talking to Radovid, they will end up burning her alive.4.- Bastard Son If you decided to kill him in “In Search of Bastard Son,” Dudu will take up his position and lead a new life in business. If you forgave his life, then he will end up being poor in the neighborhood of the Remains of Novigrado.

5.- The magicians If you complete the secondary mission “Now or never” you and Triss will have saved the magicians temporarily in Kovir. If you did not complete it, then the king will impale them publicly.

6.- The governor of Novigrado and Velen In case you did not complete the secondary mission “Reason of state” Radovid would get the position of governor and hunt down countless non-humans, pillars and herbalists.

If you completed high school “Reason for status” and allied yourself with Dijkstra, Radovid would be killed and Dijkstra would take power, leading to an era of industrialization.

If after completing “Status Reason” you allied with Vernon Roche and Thaler, Emhyr defeats the forces of Radovid and the Temerios recovered their lands.

7.- Emhyr van Emreis If you ally with Roche and Thaler after completing “Status Reason,” Emhyr hunts his detractors and consolidates his government. If the governor is Dijkstra or Radovid, then his followers end up killing him.

8.- The governor of Skellige At the end of all the missions of the An Craite clan, during the secondary mission “The King’s Maneuver” you can choose whether you want Cerys or Hjalmar to rule. The first governs peacefully and the people progress, the second makes war against Nilfgaard.

If you didn’t do the mission, then Svanrige Bran takes over the monarchy after shedding a lot of blood.

9.- Ciri If you finish “Something ends, something begins” with more negative decisions than positive in “Blood on the battlefield”, “Final preparations” and “Battle preparations” nobody sees Ciri again. I could have died.

If it turns out otherwise, that you have more positive decisions than negative and also visits Emhyr in “Blood on the battlefield” and Emhyr is emperor (completing “Reason for status” and allying with Roche and Thaler) then Ciri ends up being empress.

If the above happens but you don’t visit Emhyr, then she became a witch and lived her own legend after learning everything from Geralt.

10.- Geralt  If in the secondary mission “Now or never” you confess your love for Triss and want to stay with her, in addition to rejecting Yennefer in “The Last Wish”, Geralt sits head-on Kovir along with the red-haired sorceress.

If in the secondary mission “The Last Desire” you decide to stay with Yennefer and reject Triss’s offers in “Now or never” you will end up staying with an equally peaceful life with Yen.

If you complete “Now or never” and “The last wish” and decide to stay with both Yennefer and Triss, or instead decide not to stay with any of them, then you end up being a witch forever, traveling from one place to another and Facing a difficult life.

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