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Sensual Vs Sexual: What’s the difference

sensual vs sexual

Difference Between Sensual vs. Sexual


Sexuality is not just body to body. In the search for pleasure, the five senses intervene effectively, from the precise moment in which the mechanisms of the sexual response begin to work until it culminates. Epicurus wrote: “I do not know how I can conceive the good, if I remove the pleasures of taste, and remove the pleasures of love, and remove the pleasures of hearing, and remove the pleasant emotions caused by seeing in a beautiful way. ” It is the search for satisfaction to achieve pleasure and avoid pain.


Sensuality is the quality, faculty, or ability that a certain person possesses, which provokes or leads to an emotional reaction of another; In other words, a person possesses sensuality if he or she produces or triggers an attraction in the senses of any other individual. Another meaning of the word, exposed in the real academy, is the propensity or excessive desire for the pleasures of the senses. Many sources state that sensuality is not an instinct but something that is learned in the course of life.

To be a sensual person, it is necessary to be per your interior, to have self-confidence, and to feel satisfied and proud of your way of being.

What Is Sensuality


Some individuals are naturally sensual and have the ability to attract the beings they desire. Generally, these people tend to have a strong sexual potential and give off a very enveloping and absorbing personal magnetism due to the inner sensual power coming from your thoughts and feelings. The essence can cause this quality that the person can transmit by dressing, speaking, looking, and having confidence in themselves. Sensuality can be considered human suitability to remain in someone’s thoughts.

As seen in the previous summary, the term sensuality can be linked to the expression of femininity or virility and leads the person to know their body and sexual potency, regardless of whether it leads to copulation. Sensualism tries to “attract” others and to “attract” ourselves, and in both cases, it can be said that there are attitudes that are socially accepted while others are not; in any case, it is the person’s job to explore and Discover how it relates to your body.

Sensuality is a quality that leads us to think that the body is the most powerful extension of energy that our being and our soul have. For this reason, it is thought that sensual dance plays a very important role in the seduction and physical and emotional rapprochement of people, as it is a source of inspiration that transmits romance and eroticism through non-verbal communication.

It is enough to see a couple dancing the tango to understand that much is transmitted through movement; touch and smell help to have a more direct and powerful connection.

Kizomba is also another dance that spills eroticism. It is performed as a couple and is characterized by the subtle movements of the hips while the couple embraces and keeps their torsos in contact. The dancers usually make slow and dreamy steps, forwards and backward, while their hips dance circularly, accentuating the sensuality.

Today many couples decide to undergo photo sessions to transmit something as ethereal as sensual images, showing moments full of intimacy, romance, and a lot of sensuality. It is also a widely recognized truth that there are various long-distance relationships. Today, thanks to technology, they can continue accessing the sexual universe through sensual videos, unleashing imagination and creativity.

Beyond romanticism, there is also boudoir, a type of photography that seeks to insinuate rather than teach. Sensual girls can use their bodies as a seduction tool and use this technique through sensual photos to reveal their great beauty and the confidence they have developed throughout their experiences.

eating chocolate sensually

Sensuality is also linked to lust and the gratification of all the senses through certain sensory actions and emotions. Sensual sex refers to the desire and pleasure of the erotic-genital impulse, and in this search, the five senses intervene. The visual sense provides an erotic charge thanks to the vision of naked bodies. It can also be experienced by using pornographic material or having sex in front of the mirror. Smell provides a very intense eroticization, and the idea of ​​using candles, perfumes, and aromatic oils can become very interesting.

Touch is one of the most important; caresses, friction, massages, etc., are carried out here. The auditory sense imparts much sexual activity; whispers, moans, and background music can provide a lot of eroticism and sensuality.

You can also enjoy the taste by incorporating some food during intimacy, be it chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or a champagne bath; here, it is also interesting to experiment with lubricants and flavored oils to amplify the sexual experience by stimulating the sense of taste.

A good idea to promote sensuality and passionate love is to make the couple enjoy sensual massages to get pleasure through the perception of touch. For this, it is necessary to create a suitable environment, placing aromatic candles and relaxing music. To proceed with the massages, the couple is asked to undress and lie face down on the bed. Then you rub your hands with a little oil and make long movements from top to bottom, continuing through the shoulders, then you rub your neck very softly.

Once the back area is finished, you go with circular movements to his legs and buttocks and continue towards the calf area, avoid exerting too much pressure, and do not forget to massage the patella. When you complete the zone, you pass at his feet; remember that there are the sensors of the whole body. To finish, your partner should turn around and take advantage of massaging his chest. You should use oil so that your hands move more easily.

How is a sensual person

Both genders can explore sensuality; in men, it is expressed through chivalry, elegance, style, and culture, while sensual women have the ability to perceive the world through their senses and what they express through their body and verbal language. They generally encourage feelings that lead to provocation and ecstasy in people who notice their manifestations.

Being sensual also means getting satisfaction from the physical world and taking the time to pamper ourselves and our senses. Although many people think sensuality has a libidinous connotation, this is not necessarily the case. Taking the time to delight in a lemon foot on a busy afternoon can be as sensual as enjoying a massage after work.

What matters is that each person takes their time, enjoys the different physical sensations around them, and feels comfortable with themselves. Once you strive to improve your self-esteem, you will achieve full happiness and more pleasure from the ordinary things around you.

What Are The Effect Of Sensuality In Society

It is well known that since ancient times, the taboo had prevailed both in religions and in society, repressing and judging people’s sensual and erotic behavior, preventing enjoyment in the fullness of their lives, and preventing the exploration and knowledge of themselves.

People Also Ask For

What does it mean to have sensuality?

Sensuality is known as the ability of one person to arouse emotional reactions from another and is characterized by incorporating the five senses and even spirituality. Its function allows humans to have a closer relationship with the world around them. If you know how to use it, you can arouse the curiosity and imagination of others.

What defines the sensuality of a woman?

Sensuality is regulated by culture, evolutionary age, and personal experiences about how women experience their sexuality. Sensual women know how to lead their intelligence and good humor with tact and insight; they also know how to add their aggressive, docile or suggestive side when they think it is necessary, assuming an active role with the help of their brain, their body, and their intuition.

Why is sensuality important?

Sensuality is important to maintain loving passion, gain confidence, and learn to accept and enjoy their sexual feelings, as women will begin to lose inhibitions. Men will be more passive when conquering their partners.

What does the Bible say about sensuality?

In the bible, sensuality is considered one of the evils that are accompanied by sexuality and perversion and are designated debauchery. This is defined as the enthusiasm towards the need to feel pleasure and is not well seen in the eyes of God because it is believed that it is an abuse of gifts provided by himself.

What is the key difference between sensuality and sexuality?

These differ because sensuality is based on the stimulation of each of the senses through the affective states of a person. At the same time, sexuality focuses on the satisfaction of physical desire that is sometimes mixed with feelings but always has its clear objective, which is the pleasure generated by the friction between two bodies.

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