Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods to Try Out

Risk of rain 2 mods

Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of Rain 2 has a thriving community of players that have altered the game in some hilarious, cool, and strange ways with user-made mods.

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Risk of Rain 2 is the second game in the fan favourite series, a roguelike third-person shooter action game that takes place in a distant and colourful world. While there is much to do in the base game, players have been developing mods to change just about every aspect of it.

BiggerBazaar By MagnusMagnuson

The Bigger Bazaar offers exactly what the name promises: players now have extra items to choose from in the bazaar. A random selection of items is added to the bazaar for players to buy with their money and even Risk of Rain 2 ‘s other currency lunar coins.

BanditReloaded By Moffein


The Bandit, a survivor from the original Risk of Rain, was a fan-favourite character to play. Some fans of the first game were very unhappy when the Bandit didn’t make a return in the second, so it was only a matter of time before someone modded the Bandit into Risk of Rain 2 . Eventually the Bandit was added as a Survivor in a Risk of Rain 2 update, players can still use this mod to get a Bandit that is much closer to RoR1 ‘s original.

Another character that didn’t end up in the Sequel was the Sniper. There is a mod, called Sniper by Rein, for this character as well; Players can regain the Sniper with the original animations and model as the first game.

ItemStatsMod By Ontrigger

ItemStatsMod changes the display of items, showing off the stats and information for each item instead of just the flavour text like in the base game. Mousing over the item will display everything a player could ever want to know about the item, giving players a massive amount of information. This mod is great for new players to learn what’s in the world of Risk of Rain 2 . This mod alters the way that players will interact with items, giving them more information on which items are best in Risk of Rain 2.

Vegeta Mod by Kinggrinyov

If there are any Dragon Ball fans out there playing Risk of Rain 2, it’s hard to turn down the opportunity to play through the game as the Saiyan Prince himself. This mod comes complete with special animations, powers, and even voice lines. Players can even power up and go Super Saiyan or any other transformation that Vegeta has in the shows; players can even reach Super Saiyan Blue from Dragon Ball Super.


The Vegeta Mod has a sister mod called the Goku Mod, also by Kinggrinyov; players can shoot around Risk of Rain 2 as everyone’s favourite goofy Saiyan as well. Either way, fans may find that these mods make for the best Risk of Rain 2 character possible.

Some modders have also added other playable characters, such as Akali from League of Legends and Tracer from Overwatch.

ShareSuite Mod by FunkFrog-and-Sipondo

ShareSuite is a fully-customizable mod that shares items and resources among the whole party. Money goes into a shared pool while items multiply, giving every single player a copy of the item; the only items exempt from this sharing are rare items and boss items. There is also some rebalancing as well, taking into account that extra items will be in circulation. The rebalancing need to be updated with the new anniversary update planned for Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.


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