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Myths and Monsters Combinations Liitle Alchemy 2

Myths and Monsters content-pack

The following elements are available only as part of the Myths and Monsters pack on mobile devices and will not currently work in the game’s desktop version.

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Myths and Monsters combinations

Resulting Element Ingredient Combination(s)
Achilles warrior, immortality / hero, immortality
Aegis tool, Zeus
Aeolus wind, deity / air, deity
Ankh mummy, immortality / tool, Baast / tool, Ra / tool, Maahes / tool, Tawaret
Apple of Discord fruit, evil / fruit tree, evil
Baast cat, deity / cat, immortality
Baba Yaga witch, monster
Babe the Blue Ox cow, Paul Bunyan / cow, giant / livestock, Paul Bunyan / livestock, giant
Banshee sound, monster / sound, faerie / faerie, monster
Book of the Dead book, immortality / book, Ra / book, Maahes / book, Tawaret / book, Baast
Bunyip swamp, monster
Calydonian Boar wild boar, monster / pig, monster / wild boar, giant / pig, giant
Camazotz bat, deity
Chang’e moon, deity / moon, Elixir of Life
Changeling human, goblin / human, faerie
Chimera goat, monster / mountain goat, monster
Chinese Dragon dragon, good / snake, deity / dragon, peach of immortality / snake, peach of immortality / dinosaur, deity / river, deity / waterfall, deity
Cockatrice chicken, monster / egg, monster
Cosmic Egg egg, deity
Cthulhu galaxy, monster / universe, monster / galaxy cluster, monster / solar system, monster / universe, deity / galaxy, deity / galaxy cluster, deity / solar system, deity / space, monster / space, deity
Cupid love, deity / angel, deity
Curse magic, evil
Cyclops mermaid, Poseidon / giant, giant / giant, Zeus / giant, Poseidon
Deity human, immortality / human, peach of immortality / human, philosopher’s stone / human, fountain of youth / human, elixir of life
Demon evil, immortality / deity, evil / angel, evil / human, hell
Dionysus fruit, deity / wine, deity / beer, deity / alcohol, deity / drunk, deity
Djinn desert, demon / desert, Oni / human, magic lamp / demon, magic lamp / tornado, demon / sand, demon / sand, Oni / sandstorm, demon / sandstorm, Oni / sandstorm, monster / desert, monster / dune, monster / dune, Oni / dune, demon
Domovoi house, monster / house, elf / house, goblin / domestication, elf / domestication, monster
Dryad tree, deity / forest, deity / orchard, deity
Durendal sword, holy water / sword, paladin / tool, paladin / blade, paladin / blade, holy water / sword, good
Elf big, faierie
Elixir of Life bottle, philosopher’s stone / bottle, immortality / container, immortality / liquid, immortality
Epona horse, deity
Evil human, Pandora’s Box
Faerie goblin, good
Father Time time, deity / grim reaper, good
Fenrir wolf, deity / wolf, giant
Fountain of Youth fountain, immortality
Gargoyle stone, monster / statue, monster / rock, monster / castle, monster
Garuda bird, deity / deity, roc / eagle, deity
Gashadokuro skeleton, monster / skeleton, giant / bone, monster / bone, giant
Giant big, monster / big, deity
Goblin small, monster / small, demon / evil, faerie
Good Available from start.
Green Man leaf, deity / plant, deity / grass, deity
Gremlin airplane, monster / seaplane, monster / pilot, monster / airplane, goblin / seaplane, goblin / pilot, goblin / helicopter, monster / helicopter, goblin
Griffin lion, monster
Heaven house, good / house, deity / good, hell
Hell house, evil / house, hellhound / house, demon / evil, heaven / doghouse, hellhound
Hellhound dog, demon / dog, evil / wolf, demon / wolf, evil / dog, hell / wolf, hell / animal, hell / animal, evil / animal, demon
Holy Grail cup, immortality / cup, good
Holy Water water, good / water, heaven
Hydra snake, monster / lake, monster
Immortality Available from start.
Jackalope rabbit, monster
Jiangshi corpse, curse / corpse, evil
Jormungandr snake, giant / giant, ouroboros / big, ouroboros
Jotunn ice, giant / snow, giant / arctic, giant / cold, giant
Kanabō tool, Oni
Kappa river, demon / stream, demon / turtle, demon / lake, demon
Kelpie horse, griffin / horse, monster / seahorse, monster
Kitsune fox, deity
Kraken sea, monster / ocean, monster / fish, monster / shark, monster
Krampus Santa, evil / Santa, monster
Maahes lion, deity
Magic Lamp container, djinn / lamp, djinn
Mara night, monster / night, demon / evil, sandman / darkness, monster / darkness, demon
Maui island, deity / angler, deity / archipelago, deity
Maui’s Fishhook fishing rod, Maui / tool, Maui
Mimic treasure, monster / container, monster / box, monster
Mjolnir hammer, deity / tool, Thor / hammer, Thor
Monster Available from start.
Mothman moth, monster
Mount Olympus house, Zeus / house, Vulcan / mountain, Zeus / mountain, deity / mountain, heaven / mountain, Poseidon / mountain, Dionysus / house, Poseidon / house, Dionysus / mountain, Vulcan
Necromancer wizard, evil / wizard, curse / witch, evil / witch, curse
Necronomicon book, Cthulhu / story, Cthulhu / book, necromancer
Oni demon, monster
Ooze jam, monster / mud, monster / batter, monster / cookie dough, monster / dough, monster / liquid, monster
Orc evil, orc / big, goblin / monster, elf / human, monster
Ouroboros snake, immortality / dragon, immortality / small, Jormungandr
Paladin warrior, holy grail / warrior, holy water / warrior, Durendal / knight, holy grail / knight, holy water / knight, Durendal / knight, good / warrior, good
Pandora’s Box container, good / container, evil / gift, deity / box, good / box, evil
Paul Bunyan lumberjack, giant / axe, giant
Peach of Immortality fruit, immortality / fruit tree, immortality
Philosopher’s Stone rock, immortality / stone, immortality / alchemist, immortality
Poseidon ocean, deity / water, deity / sea, deity
Prometheus fire, giant
Quetzalcoatl snake, deity / rainforest, deity
Ra sun, deity / day, deity
Rainbow Serpent rainbow, deity / double rainbow!, deity / rainbow, Jormungandr, double rainbow!, Jormungandr, oasis, deity / rain, deity
Roc eagle, giant
Salamander fire, monster / lizard, monster / lava, monster / volcano, monster
Sandman good, Mara / sand, monster
Selkie seal, monster
Shipwreck boat, Kraken / steamboat, Kraken / sailboat, Kraken / pirate ship, Kraken
Sun Wukong monkey, deity / monkey, peach of immortality / monkey, immortality
Tawaret hippo, deity / hippo, immortality
Tengu bird, monster / bird, demon
Thor storm, deity / lightning, deity
Troll bridge, monster / bridge, giant / cave, monster / cave, giant / mountain, monster / mountain range, monster / mountain, giant / mountain range, giant
Valhalla house, Valkyrie / heaven, Valkyrie / house, Thor
Valkyrie warrior, deity / warrior, Valhalla
Vodyanoy frog, monster
Vulcan volcano, deity / fire, deity / metal, deity / steel, deity
Will-o’-the-Wisp light, monster / light bulb, monster / lamp, monster
Wolpertinger squirrel, monster / flying squirrel, monster / squirrel, jackalope / flying squirrel, jackalope
World Turtle turtle, deity / turtle, giant
Yggdrasil tree, immortality / tree, heaven
Zeus sky, deity / deity, Mount Olympus
Ziz phoenix, big / big, griffin

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