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Monster hunter world is finally taking the hunt to the large screen and PS4, Xbox One and PC players will need all the assistance they will get to succeed. This Guide Center is that the center of all the Games guides, which aims to supply players with the knowledge, advice, skills, and access to the secrets necessary to urge the foremost out of the sport.

We’ve divided all our guides into several sections below and you’ll also search all our guides, make certain to revisit this site frequently, as this guiding center is going to be constantly updated. We also have guides of some other games like The Witcher 3 Guide etc.

How to do it and location guides

  • In Monster Hunter World: Gems are some of the rarest materials that can be found in Monster Hunter World. Most monsters, especially high-ranking ones, will have a gem that is typically a necessary ingredient for their armor sets. The Odogaron gem is one of those rare materials, and this guide will help you acquire it.


  • How to get the lava nugget in Monster Hunter World: There are many coveted materials in Monster Hunter: The world and the game is less about the defeat of monsters and more about collecting the right ingredients to build the perfect set of armor to defeat To a specific monster. You do it mostly by hitting other monsters and, therefore, the cycle of agriculture and grinding in Monster Hunter: The world is complete. The material is particularly interesting and this guide will help you acquire it.


  • Monster Hunter World: The world could not join the search: Whether you play on a console or if you have recently jumped into the Monster Hunter: World on PC, it is likely that you have encountered the error “Failed to Join Quest.” This occurs most commonly when it comes to joining a friend who needs help in a search and has fired an SOS flare. Follow the instructions in this guide to get to know the world of Monster Hunter.


  • What does it mean in Monster Hunter World? Affinity and Elderseal are two of the various key attributes that a lot of hunters stray. They only appear together of the various statistics next to a weapon with none explanation about what they’re doing and the way they are useful. Since Capcom doesn’t provide this information, we’ll inform you of everything you would like to understand about these two crucial statistics.


  • How to do it in Monster Hunter World? What is the best and easiest way to kick players from your group of hunters in Monster Hunter World? Follow this guide to know the details. Imagine this: You have sent an SOS signal to one of the major dragons and a bunch of players joins to return the favor. You are delighted to see them help, but five minutes after joining, you are not seen anywhere.


  • What are Monster Hunters World? for PC has finally arrived, offering players the opportunity to capture, fight and team against monsters of different sizes with their faithful mouse and keyboard. Unlike the console version, Monster Hunter: World for PC has a lot of control options for you to choose from. You can use the mouse and keyboard if you wish, but you can also use a variety of different devices that Steam accepts, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch controllers.

monster hunter world guide

  • Best Monster Hunter World – One of the funniest aspects of the Monster Hunter franchise is its weapon system. Like any other title in the series, the most recent Monster Hunter: The world’s weapon system is very rewarding. Whether you play Hunting Horn or Insect Glaive, each weapon is fun and unique in its own right, and unlike other fantasy RPGs, there is no such thing as a dominated weapon class. Follow this guide to find out the list of the best weapons for each style of play in Monster Hunter World.


  • The best of Monster Hunter World – After defeating or capturing these monsters, players can carve parts of those powerful beasts to form better weapons and armor. Armor games are often crucial against certain monsters, as they supply enormous elementary defensive properties and skills which will keep you alive during a fight. Some armor games, however, are stronger than others. Here may be a small list of the simplest low and high-rank Armor within the World of Monster Hunters.


  • How to get it in Monster Hunter: The latest update in the world – The latest free update for Monster Hunter World: The world arrived this week, and it was full of good things, like the old Dragon Lunastra (also known as the Teostra bae), a new level of temperate monsters, new missions, and more. In this guide, we are going to talk about the new Brigade Layer Armor that you can get for free (in a way) after completing the Lunastra search string.


  • What’s in Monster Hunter World? If you have made enough progress to become a Monster Hunter: World of finding Elder Dragons, giant monsters with special abilities that all high-ranking hunters spend their days chasing, you may have found some weapons with a property called Elderseal. Like many things in Capcom’s success, the game never really explains what this is. We are here to help.


  • How to roll in the hay in Monster Hunter: World? As a part of Monster Hunter: The recent update 2.00 of the planet, a replacement apex predator has been introduced within the game. Say hello to Deviljho, one among the foremost disgusting, big, and doubtless smelly monsters within the game. He’s also very hungry for a few reasons, but we’ll get thereto. Let’s start talking about the way to find a Deviljho in nature.


  • Monster Hunter World -? As an enormous fan of Destiny 2, I’m very upset that I cannot give articles to my friends. Why do I want a 3rd Heavenly Night Falcon when my friend has been expecting weeks to fall? In Monster Hunter: World, the power to offer objects to other players isn’t as complex as I expected, but it’s better than nothing.


  • How to roll in the hay in Monster Hunter World? The work of a hunter in Monster Hunter: the planet has without stopping. Just once you think you’ve got defeated the most important and worst monster there are new challenges come. this suggests that you simply must remain prepared and continually update your equipment. But doing so isn’t free. Many hunters, at a while or another, will fight to pay subsequent level of armor or weapons, regardless of what percentage Anjanath skins they need to be collected. This guide will show you some solid ways to win Zenny, the common currency of the sport.


  • How to roll in the hay in Monster Hunter World? Monster Hunter: World offers many weapon options to use, but just one of them uses the friend bug, Kinsect. If you opt to venture into the planet of Kinsects, you’ll get to know some things.


  • The best thanks to getting into Monster Hunter – Platinum trophy hunters in Monster Hunter: the planet was met with a collective sigh when the trophy list was released a couple of months ago. Two of the foremost difficult trophies within the game that only 0.01 percent of the players have achieved require you to gather an enormous and miniature crown for nearly all the monsters within the game. to urge the achievement, you’ll get to have a crown for the littlest and largest option within the monster guidebook for nearly every monster you’ll face.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is fighting on PC with performance issues and saved saved. A patch should fix everything soon. However, nothing has been announced about what should happen if the game is already lost.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PC was launched every week ago. the amount of players is nearly as strong as within the 2018 release. However, since the patch, which is said to the expansion, many players have complained about the issues.

The developers have now commented on Steam that patch 10.12.01 will address the difficulties within the coming days. they create no statement during this regard regarding previously deleted storage states.


Several hundred hours of the game for the cat

Patch 10.12.01 should address this:

 The problems players have with Iceborne are not small things. Many struggles with sharp drops in performance. These lead to frozen screens, sometimes between 1 and 5 seconds. NVIDIA users with less than 3 GB of VRAM are particularly affected. This should be resolved soon with a patch.

In addition, incompatible memory data must be addressed. If the progress of your game is not up to date, Iceborne cannot open the file. The players will then be asked if they want to start a new game. If you click on this, your valuable game will be overwritten.

Too late for many players:

The statement on Steam and Twitter ensures addressing this compatibility. However, what happens to players who are already affected isn’t mentioned. Once the save is overwritten, you’ll get to start over after many hours of play.

That is exactly what happened to several players. The frustration is correspondingly great, which alongside performance issues results in bad reviews on Steam. Some comments about Reddit:

I just came to mention that I also lost all my diligence.

exhibition-sbt on Reddit

It seems that the players are desperate. They put tons of labor into their game and now everything is eliminated. you would like a restoration of your storage status or the most thing is a few outputs:

It happened to me too. they need to be gone numerous hours! Please tell me that there’s an answer to this, I do not want to level and re-level everything!

LadyEleviere on Reddit

How to avoid loss:

Unfortunately, there’s still no solution for saved data. The lost progress of the sport is often lost. However, we will offer you some recommendations on the way to avoid this at the beginning:

Make an area copy of your progress before starting
Do not press “Yes” when the sport asks if you would like to make a replacement save. Finish the sport differently!
If you do not want to attend for a politician solution through the patch, you’ll use mods in order that your save status is often played.


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