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If you want to make things much easier than just using Creation Mode, these are all the Minecraft cheats you can use to get everything you want.

Like many other games, Minecraft offers the possibility of entering commands that activate cheats in certain versions of the game. In principle, these are available in all versions of the PC and mobile game but not in all console versions.

First of all, you have to consider a number of things regarding console commands :

  • The game asks if you want to activate them when you create your world. Obviously, if you want to be able to use them at some point, you must select yes.
  • If you create a world and useful tricks, you cannot unlock achievements.
  • Depending on the server you play on, the tricks may not be used.
  • Given the deep level of modification that the game has undergone since its launch, depending on the server on which you play it is possible that certain commands may not work, or that there are completely different ones.

minecraft cheats

How to enter Minecraft cheats

In this case in particular and unlike other games, you do not have to open a command console, just type in the chat bar the correct commands to make the trick activate. If you are playing in the desktop version, this is done by pressing the T key. The pocket version of the game has a specific button to start chat and display the window.

All the Minecraft cheats and tricks

Keep in mind that the tricks are introduced as you see them in the list, they all start with /. Remember to respect white spaces, beards, upper and lower case. Just in case, for the most obtuse, the two points are not part of the trick.

How to change the difficulty

By using these cheats you can minimize the difficulty.

  • / difficulty peaceful: switch to Pacific mode
  • / difficulty easy: switch to Easy mode
  • / normal difficulty: switch to Normal mode
  • / difficulty hard: switch to Hard mode

Game Mode cheats

  • / gamemode 0: switch to Survival Mode
  • / gamemode 1: you change to Creation Mode
  • / gamemode 2: switch to Adventure Mode
  • / gamemode 3: switch to Viewer Mode

How to change the weather

Change the weather by using these cheats.

  • / weather clear: clear
  • / weather rain: it rains
  • / weather thunder: it rains and lightning strikes

Cheats for the time of day

  • / time set day: it becomes day
  • / time set night: it becomes night
  • / time set 18000: it ‘s midnight
  • / time set 12000: anocehcer
  • / time set 6000: it ‘s noon
  • / time set 0: dawn
  • / gamerule doDaylightCycle false: time does not pass
  • / time query gametime: return to game time

For Achieving any goal

/ give name character name object cantidobject

As with the previous case, you have to know a little about how this Minecraft cheats work. It is much easier than it seems, do not worry:

  • The character’s name is your name.
  • Object name is the name of what you want to add. With a minimum knowledge of English, it is very easy to use. For example, diamond_block is a diamond block, iron_helmet is an iron helmet, diamond_pick is a diamond spike … as in the previous case, the game has a small autocomplete function to help you as you type.
  • log cant object is, of course, the number of times that object will appear in your inventory once you enter the trick.

Enchant objects

  • / enchant name character name name level

The thing is a bit more complicated in this case. To introduce this Minecraft cheats you must consider the following:

  • The character’s name is your name.
  • Enchantment name is either the English name of the enchantment or its ID in the game. The game itself has a small “autocomplete” and, for example, if you write “fire_pr”, they will suggest you write “fire_protection”.
  • Leveling is a non-mandatory part of the trick and sets the level of enchantment that we are going to apply.
  • So, for example, / enchant SaiSaEr fire_protection 3 would apply a level 3 fire protection enchantment to the SaiSaEr character.

Summon characters and NPCs

  • / summon name XYZ
  • In this case, the command makes appear whatever we put in a name, provided it exists in the game. For example, the skeleton makes a skeleton appear, pig a pig, horse a horse, spider a spider, creeper a creeper …
  • The XYZ part is optional and sets the exact coordinates on the XYZ axis of the world. This part is completely optional, if you don’t put it, whatever you invoke will appear next to you.



There are two versions of the teleportation trick and both work completely differently. Be very careful, because the first one can be complicated to use and conclude with your death.

  • / teleport charactername XYZ

In this case, the character name is your name and XYZ corresponds to the coordinates on the XYZ axis of the world.
Keep in mind that if you appear too tall you may end up dead by the fall.

  • / teleport charactername ~ X ~ Y
  • This second teleportation command is much easier to use and teleports you in a horizontal plane, so there is no danger of falling from a great height. It is basically used to travel long distances.
  • Keep in mind that you might appear inside a rock and have to chop to get out, or see yourself in a pile of lava if you don’t know where you’re going.
  • character name is, of course, the name of your character.
  • ~ X corresponds to the movement you will make in a west/east direction. It is a number that corresponds to the number of blocks that you will move in the above direction. If you move west, the number has a – ahead.
  • ~ And it corresponds to the movement you will make in a north/south direction. It is a number that corresponds to the number of blocks that you will move in the above direction. If you move south, the number has a – ahead.
  • For example, / teleport SaiSaEr ~ -17 ~ 54 will cause the SaiSaEr character to move 17 blocks westbound and 54 northbound.

Mineral guide

This is the Minecraft mineral guide.

Diamond :

It is the most precious mineral in the game because with it we can create more durable and efficient peaks, swords and armor. We will find a diamond between layer 5 and layer 12, but you will need to be patient to find it. Be careful with the lava, because sometimes you can dig so much that it may appear and you will get chickens alive.

Gold :

The second most searched mineral in Minecraft. We will find it between layers 32 and 35, although more easily in layer 32. Once we find it, we will have to melt it in the oven to be able to use it.

Iron :

One of the most useful minerals to create good armor, after the diamond. We can find it mainly in layer 64 mainly, and also between layers 65 and 67.


Despite being one of the most common minerals, we will need it many times to create torches and to operate the oven. It is found from layer 128, virtually anywhere.

Lapis Lazuli :

Once you find it you can use it directly without having to treat it. We will find it between layers 23 and 25.

Red stone :

We can use it directly from nature and it will allow us to improve our armor and weapons. It is found from layer 12, although it will be frankly difficult to get hold of it.

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