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How to make ore in Little Alchemy 2

little alchemy 2 ore

Little Alchemy 2 is a simple and fun web browser game. The game is also available on Android and iOS; you can use these platforms to play the game. You start the game with four basic elements: nature, fire, earth, water, and air. You must combine these items as the game progresses and get new results. If you’re playing Little Alchemy 2 and wondering how to make Ore, check out this guide as we’ve covered you.

Little Alchemy 2: How to make ore (Cheats and hints)

There are 720 items to discover in the game, some will be basic, and some will be final. Final items cannot be combined anymore. The ore is not a final item and can be combined further.

There are multiple combinations in Little Alchemy 2, and somehow life finds a way. These are the combinations that you can use to make ore in Little Alchemy 2 –

  • The water and soil combined will create mud.
  • Earth and fire combined will create lava.
  • Lava added with Air will create a Stone.
  • Stone and Mud combined will create Clay.
  • Sum of Fire with Fire to create Energy.
  • The water combined with the Water will create a Puddle.
  • Add water to the puddle to create a pond.
  • The pond combined with the water will create a lake.
  • Add water to the lake to create a sea.
  • The Earth and the Sea combined will create the Primordial Soup.
  • Add Energy to Primordial Soup to create Life.
  • Life combined with clay will create humans.
  • Human and Stone combined will create Tool.
  • Tool added with Stone will create Hammer.
  • Hammer and Earth combined will create Ore.

Once you follow this 15-step recipe, you can make Mineral. There are other combinations to get this result if you want to try them too. And visit our site for more interesting games, cheats, and tips.

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