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How to make money in GTA Online (2021)

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How to give money GTA Online Now you have become the boss of Los Santos and you have done everything you can do inside GTA Online . However, your friend got recently played a Rockstar Games title and asked you to help him continue, maybe give him money, because you have become a millionaire in that game. You’ve seen everywhere the way to do it, but haven’t found a solution. Yes, you have come to the right place, on time!

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In fact, in today’s study I will explain How to give money in GTA Online . I clearly know about the methods that are allowed by the game itself and therefore there is no reference to cheats and hacks in this guide as the latter is not treated by other players and by Rockstar Games. Despite this, I guarantee that you will be able to reach your goal in no time, and in fact you will try more!

If you wonder, I also will show what the main method for ganar money in GTA Online, so you can also give pal ki more tips on how you can ngasilkeun money quickly. Dare then: what do you expect nailed? Just read and practice these short instructions below. I guarantee that, in a moment, your friend will also be the boss of Los Santos. I have nothing to do except hope you are a fun and enjoyable reading!

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The first thing: how to make money in GTA Online

Before going to the details of the procedure in How to give money in GTA Online I think you can be interested to know what tips are best for you to give your friends to reach your level and get faster in the game world.

Similarly, if your friend has already started playing GTA Online, thought one of the permissive things that can be done is to focus on reselling cars . To do this, you only need to take the car (even parked) and bring it, obviously taking care not to damage it too much, in one of the centers named Customs Los Santos , which is easily found on the game map.

This way, you can earn thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. In this sense, also Mission Lester (‘L’ on the map) should not be underestimated because it provides a lot of money.

If, on the other hand, your ballad is already in the advanced stage of the match, then it is recommended that he carry out missions, races, gatherings, team standing and play in Survival Mode because it is among the most profitable stocks offered by Rockstar Games titles.

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After giving the above tip to your friend, so that he can receive money in GTA Online by conducting independently, I will say ready to proceed and give the money.

In this case, the procedure to be followed can vary depending on the platform you are using, so I will explain how to do it both from the console and from the PC.


The console version of GTA Online implements a function designed specifically to give money to other players.

To use it you only need notifies menu interaction (hold down the touchpad is set in the PS4 , choose the PS3, Vista en Xbox One o Return / Back en Xbox 360 ) and select the goods that after INVENTORY , dinero y Give money . After that select only the player to give to your friends, click on the post to receive with it

But beware: Rockstar Games often causes this feature. , because many problems arise over the years, because people can use things in a way not approved by the developer. Because of this, in some periods you will not be able to take advantage of this method.

In activities that you really can’t give money to a friend in this way, I recommend you use one of the methods described in the next chapter, which describes a procedure that is also valid for consoles.


Contrary to what happens on the console, there is no option on the PC to give money directly to friends in GTA Online. In fact, Rockstar Games has decided to eliminate this possibility because the players are, on more PCs than consoles, using cheating and hacking. However, there are alternative ways to transfer money from one player to another. Let’s look at some of them.

As also written on the official guide page of GTA Online, you can share the money from some activities with friends. This can happen for Freemode events (people who appear on the screen when you go in silence on a map) or to bank robberies, for example

To continue, simply complete one of these activities (learn with friends), access the influence menu (‘ M key ‘ On PC) and select the INVENTORY item . After that, you need to press the element dinero y Cash spread activity to choose who is upset to who gave the money, is the amount of money (in percentage) to share and select the item to receive .

Another way to quickly give money to friends in GTA Online is to put a measure over your head, lift it out and then divide the money. To do this, you need in the advanced stages of the game, call Lester and set the size for your friends.

Once you remove your character, all you need to do is use the INVENTORY menu and select Cash Scattered Activity , as I knew in advance. However, the maximum size is $ 10,000, so you can only give a relatively small amount of money this way.

If you want to give more money to your friend, you should hire him Activity CEO and let him Compensation 100% . To do this you need to open the INVENTORY menu and press the CEO element (followed by your company name).

After that, select any Hire a friend item and select a friend’s name . Once the last place receives your request, you must press this element Challenge the boss and select and complete one of the available activities.

Once you have finished the last, you must divide the money with friends in a way that I described above (from the menu INVENTORY > dinero ). That way, your friends can receive tens of thousands of dollars in minutes. However, this method requires that you have become the head of a gaming company and therefore a lot of money.

I also want to clarify GTA Online is a game in constant change , as Rockstar Games updates it frequently. This means that there may be variations of the methods described in this guide so I advise you to take the information that I have already needed for scientific purposes.

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