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How to lower ping on PS4

How to lower ping on PS4

How to lower ping on PS4 . As a true fan of multiplayer games you can not only slow that down (also known as lag) in the most exciting and intense moments of your online gaming with the PS4 . When searching for information about it, he learned that it was a latent problem in communication between his device and the network, conventionally measured with a value of milliseconds (ms). And now you want advice on how to treat the condition.

Things like this, right am I right? Then you can consider her lucky, because with this guide I want to help you understand what is called Ping, the value that is essential for the performance of the connection to the Internet when you play online, and how to reduce your online games on PS4.

If, so, that is your goal How to lower the ping on PS4 Let’s not get lost in the conversation and start straight by going into the heart of this tutorial. Take five minutes free time, read and implement my advice. I believe the result will allow you to play online again with your PlayStation without the annoying slowdown. I hope you read well and, most of all, have fun!

How to download ping on PS4. Required information:

I’m going to start by talking a little bit about ms  and what these obvious terms indicate this in the context of an internet connection.

Similarly, you should know that ping can also be called Packet Internet Groper. And they indicate the name of the software that usually measures the delay it takes an internet connection to transmit data from the starting point (in your case, the modem that the PS4 uses to connect to the Internet) to the target server (if you, the online game server) and vice versa.

It is a measure that tests small data and its transmission delay is measured in milliseconds (ms) . The ping value is the most important part when evaluating the quality of the Internet connection provided by the provider (ISP). It is better when it is lower : this is because its value calculates the latent factor (therefore, the higher it is, the more latent, that is, the longer it is in data transmission).

Different and different latna values

Fortunately, every user who has an Internet connection contract can measure the ping value independently and using a reliable and free method. If you don’t know how to do it, I guarantee that it’s very simple. In fact, there are several ways to do speed tests, including the free SOS Dance. This allows you to compare after your line with other offers on the market.

Now that I’ve explained what a ping is and how to measure it, I’m sure you also already understand why it’s important to reduce it as much as possible when using an internet connection for online gaming. A lower ping means less latency when communicating with the game server and other players.

But what are the ideal values ​​for ping? As a guideline, we agree to associate a quality rating with each ms range.

  • 0 to 30 ms – quality and ideal.
  • 30 to 50 m – its excellent quality.
  • 50 to 60 m – its good quality.
  • 60 to 80 m – Quality is sufficient.

Above 80 ms, the condition becomes critical and late is easy to detect with a reasonable frequency. Finally, I add that the ping value is subject to heredity. Therefore, it is not fixed and stable. It can happen that the measure only returns a very different value at any time.

The most important thing to keep in the edition in this case is the Relevance of 3 to 6 m is normally accepted . Faced with more obvious oscillations, we seem to hear inconsistent connections: problems that also cause confusion.

How to lower ping on PS4

With clarity about the basic characteristics of ping values ​​and why they are so important in online multiplayer games, you have now followed the most important steps to ensure that these values ​​can go down.

Unfortunately, as you have read, latent is a value that is also only the quality of the connection service provided by the provider. This means that most of the ping responsibility is not because of your configuration, but on the network infrastructure that is based on your connection.

However, this does not mean that efforts should be made to increase this value. The important thing, as you can see, is to follow some procedures (something that I will describe) with full attention.

When you have completed all the tests and configurations, you will make sure that you have done everything you can, and if the latina is still high, you can be more up -to -date about the problem. Then you can ask for more when you contact your provider.

Check the Internet connection of the PS4

Since your goal is to reduce the ping of your PlayStation 4, to less and less see latina when playing online, you first need to establish it, in addition to checking the Internet connection of the PS4 .

I tell you that directly, unfortunately, among the information returned by the connection verification tool that is included in the PS4 system, the ping was not included. However, you can cross the information that this device restores to you and the information that can be registered from the connection connection through the devices that are online.

What’s the point of measuring the ping of a PC if latency “hits” the PS4? Don’t worry, there are “tricks” to do that directly from the console, I will be up to this time in a short time.

First, I really think that’s how to do a classic PS4 connection test. The first step is to the menu, settings , which are in the top icon bar, accessed by pressing the up arrow of the controller.

When you go to this menu look for the red item and, to start the exam, upload Check Internet connection . At the end of the test, you will receive some useful information, such as IP , type of NAT and download and upload of data.

How to download ping on PS4 directly from the console

Now that you know how to do a “basic” test of a PlayStation 4 connection, I can tell you about a “trick” to measuring ping directly from your console . The tool you need is an integrated web browser . on the PS4 operating system .

Continue, then by searching for the icon by typing from the main menu of the WWW console , to open the Internet Network Then, in the address bar above, type the following link: To confirm, press the controlled R2 key and wait for the test result.

At the end press the button. Show more information (Show more info) and wait for more verification. This second test will also return information on the chief state of latent (or latency), the title without charge (no connection with the download) and in the title of the draft (related with cargo).

Once you know your PS4 ping, you can compare the average required with the range of values ​​that I mentioned in the chapter with the initial information. Remember to assume it is free of charge (For download).

I recommend that you perform these connection verification tests often as a basic precaution to remove any downloads, transmissions or programs that use the connection at all. You can learn more about that in my dedicated guide.

Connect the PS4 via cable

One of the first things you can do to try to increase the ping of your internet connection is to connect the PS4 to the network via an internet cable. That is, with a cable connection. If you don’t already have an Ethernet cable, know that you can buy it at an electronics store or online only.

Cable solutions are important because, although the performance of Wifi networks has improved greatly in the last few years, they remain that can guarantee greater consistency and stability . The disadvantage is having to place the router or modem in the same room as the PlayStation 4, use a Powerline adapter or try to connect your home network, to have an Ethernet port for the console.

Once my PS4 is wired, proceed to configure the connection by going to the settings menu (which is represented by the toolbox). So search for the red text and keep pressing the X key controlled first Configure the internet connection then in Use a typical network cable (LAN) y .

So, wait for the test results, and by the way, you have successfully configured the cable connection. Please note that by participating in this procedure you will probably be able to NAT Type 2 , ideal for online play. I encourage you to continue reading to know more about the NAT that is available on the PS4.

Change DNS server

Changing DNS server Internet connections can lead to lower latency and therefore should be considered.

In case you didn’t know, their DNS server was working the connection to “interpret” the address that we decided to visit. In other words, since the correct address of an Internet site will be a long numeric string, the DNS server ensures that whenever writing it is easier to remember the alphanumeric address (e.g. it is) possible to reach the correct place without having to remember its “numerical coordinates”. Because of this, the use of fast DNS servers allows you to save communication time and access to remote resources.

The procedure for changing DNS on my PS4 is different if you connect your console via Wi-Fi or if you use an Ethernet connection. In the first case, you need to go to the settings menu then in red then in Set internet connection y Wifi red . Proceed, therefore, by entering the access code to your Wi-Fi network with a custom press sound .

Don’t forget that all this has a purpose: to know how to ping on PS4.

Configure the IP address

Then you need to configure the IP Address , by entering the IP address of your router (Ex. ) and your console, which should follow the same model (e.g. 192.168.1.xx where the first part of the address should be the same as the router address and xx. declare them to be your preferred number). Continue preparation by configuring Subnet Mask EN (It is most common but not the same on all connections).

The next field, the default gateway , is the most important, because it is the one that must insert a primary DNS and a secondary DNS using the “coordinates” of the DNS server that will work.

My advice is to use such DNS that in Google , Cloudflare or OpenDNS, in addition to the most widely used, is considered the fastest and most efficient. For example, if you selected Google, enter as the primary server and as the secondary server.

You can now press the button below , select the MTU column automatically and choose not to use a proxy server . This way, you will configure a static IP for your PS4 and at the same time you have changed the DNS server that works with the console with faster serp.

Now I will describe the DNS change procedure in case of connection over LAN cable. In this case, the PS4 will take the DNS server directly from the one that is configured on your router.

Set Nat

Throughout this guide, I have spoken several times in NAT , but in this verse I am going to give you more specific information about that. This value can only take three values: Nat 1 , Nat 2 y Nat 3 . Without entering incorrect information, the NAT type establishes the opportunity to store more and better players on the game server.

The ideal NAT is type 1 As indicated by the maximum number of ports to external connections, however, it is also the most difficult to need because not all internet providers support it. Also, it almost usually involves the use of a cable connection, although it is not impossible to get NAT 1 over Wi-Fi.

Although NAT 1 has become a myth among gamers (probably due to difficulty in solving it) the fact is that many users have NAT 2 : Having this type of NAT is a very good situation, as well as easily needed (generally only by connecting PS4 via cable). Because of this, I recommend you try to change the NAT only if you have type 3 Because that’s what really limits your chances for online player meetings.

That said, you can continue to change to reset the connection on the console and going to open the door to work with the latter in your router configuration panel.

For a complete procedure, I suggest you check my guide on how to change NAT on PS4.

In case of doubts or problems how to download ping on PS4

By joining this guide, you should improve the latent connection on your PS4. If not, I recommend contacting your provider and asking to describe the problem, as it can look into the network infrastructure.

By contacting your manager, you can ask for telephone assistance o request technical intervention on the site , to check the system and network connection. If you do not know what number to call, here they are, and the corresponding operator.

And, up to the entry on how to lower ping on PS4. I hope you can understand then that. That’s a complicated term and, of course, needs some reading. Don’t lose heart.

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