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How to change accounts in Fortnite

How to change accounts in Fortnite

How to change accounts in Fortnite . Do you want to start from scratch with your account at Fortnite ? Do you have a Fortnite profile where you’ve locked multiple levels and skins, why would you want to take it on a different gaming platform but don’t know how to proceed? Then you will happily know that you are at the right time at the right time!

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In the current guide, in fact, I will explain how to change accounts in Fortnite to run on all major gaming platforms is available in Epic Games . As an end result, you’ll be able to play with your new account and, in the event you’ve ever played with the last one, you can also search for all related progress.

The profile that you will succeed will not be deleted, but can be retrieved in case of doubt. Do you want awful back to Fortnite or not? I make sure that the procedure to follow is quite trivial and, in no time, you will reach your goal. All you need to do is carefully read and execute the short PCPS4 (1TB Slim Edition) and mobile device instructions that you will find below. I have nothing to do except hope you are a fun and enjoyable reading!

How to change accounts in Fortnite steps

How to create an Epic Games account

To play Fortnite , as you know, you need to have an Epic Games Account . The latter allows you to manage your profile and change it whenever you want. To do this, you need to take advantage of special portals that involve all platforms. In fact, the Epic Games account can be used with all compatible devices : PCs, game consoles, mobile phones and tablets.

If you want to change your Fortnite account by replacing it with a new one, you must first connect to the official Epic Games page from any browser and press the present login button at the top right. After that you have to click the register button (below) and then on one of its social icons , to link the new profile to your social account (I recommend trying PlayStation , if you have this profile), if not complete the form to register via your mail address electronics . Then enter your data in the fields nombre , surname , first name(minimum 3 maximum and 16 characters), E-mail y password .

Then check the item I have read and received: terms of service and press the gray button CREATE ACCOUNT . You will receive a confirmation email and you will need to click the link contained to confirm your identity and create your Epic Games account to access Fortnite on all supported platforms.

How to change accounts in Fortnite

How to change account on Fortnite PC

Fortnite is widely played on computers and therefore you want to change your profile on this platform. Also you can skip this Launcher of Epic Games , the program that you installed when you downloaded Fortnite to your PC. The practice is very simple and I am here to explain it in detail.

All you need to do is start the epic game launch, go to the present profile name at the bottom left and select the Exit script . Then you need to enter your email address y password and press the green LOGIN button to use another profile. If you are going to create a new account, I suggest you check the chapter on how to create an Epic Games account. Perfect, you’ll find the progress of the account you choose by simply starting Fortnite .

How to change account on Fortnite PS4

Fortnite’s user base on the PlayStation 4 It’s huge and Epic Games and Sony have long implemented a feature to link PlayStation Network accounts with Fortnite. Because of that, the first thing to do is to remove those two profiles.

Operation is not possible directly from the game, so you need to use a common browser. To continue, connect to the Game Effects web site and click the LOGIN script , present in the upper right corner.

Then press the playstation icon (from left to left), enter your email address y password and press the blue enter button . In the event that you do not have an Epic Games account, the portal will explain how to do it (you thought you have created a profile temporarily and you need to follow these steps to change it, if you will automatically log in and that is at your disposal.

Once you have logged into your Epic Games account, press the present profile name at the top right and select ACCOUNT , to access the account administration page. Then press script type LINKED then press the gray button MEASURES present in writing PlayStation Network . After that, check all the boxes you are looking for and press the red ACTION button .

Perfect, now your old account is no longer associated with your PS4 and you can continue to connect to the new one or directly use the temporary profile you have created on your console. You just need to start Fortnite on your PlayStation 4 and follow the on -screen instructions. In case you are going to create a new account, I suggest you see the chapter on how to create an Epic Games account.

How to change Fortnite account from your mobile phone

Applications from Android y iOS Fortnite have long attracted many people from other platforms. Because of that, you also thought you would like to learn how to transfer your Fortnite account to yours. mobile . Don’t know how to do it? No problem: the procedure to follow is not important and I guarantee that in a short time you will reach your goal.

All you have to do is start Fortnite on he mobile or tablet, press the three horizontal lines present in the upper right and select the Outside icon (pictured with the arrow on the left), and then press the confirmation entry .

Ideally, you have now released your Fortnite account in advance and you need to log in with the account you want to use or create a new one, based on your needs.

In case of doubts or problems.

In some cases, your account will not be eligible to make these changes, or you may experience unexpected issues. Don’t worry: Epic Games offers a help center designed to deal with such situations.

To take advantage of this service, all you need to do is connect to the official Epic Games support site and type in the issue that you find in the top right search bar . The news will show you if the problem can be solved independently or if you need operator support.

To continue, write accordingly » change account « In the search field, read the instructions that appear on the screen and execute. If the problem cannot be solved independently, you should contact Epic Games. How I will explain directly.

Press on the Contact button present in the upper right and enter the language , nombre (Bad) Email address y stage (Platform). Then select the item » Account Problems «, Write a brief description of the problem you find in the appropriate box and enter it in the security text .

To do so, press the purple send button and your request will be sent to the experts at Epic Games, who will contact you as soon as possible via email. For more details, I suggest you see my tutorial on how to contact Epic Games.

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