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How Many Pokemon Are There In 2022

How Many Pokemon Are There

If you are looking for the answer to how many Pokemon are there, you are in the right place, and you will get everything in detail here.

Although Nintendo created the Pokémon video games in February 1996, until April 1, 1997, the world was able to learn about the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his little Pikachu through television to become the best trainers.

This couple and their friends Brock and Misty travel throughout the Kanto territory fighting against other trainers and winning gym medals to participating in the tournament where the best teachers fight.

Along the way, they find different things, such as the stories of other characters, unique creatures called fox pokemon, legendary pokémon, and the tricks of Team Rocket to gain more power and control the world.

How Many Pokemon Are There In Total:

From that first generation of Pokémon, an original list of 151 creatures had to be caught with Pokeball devices. Still, as these more than 20 years passed, the number grew, expanding the species until creating a mythology around this universe that Ash discovers with new friends.

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Regarding this date, the company dedicated to promoting these characters created a special video to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the anime.

How Many Pokemon Are There Among All The Generations?

For this, it must be taken into account that at this moment, there are a total of eight generations in a total of these creatures. On top of that, Nintendo announced that a ninth is in the works. His video game will arrive at the end of 2022 under Scarlet and Purple.

At this time, it is considered that there are 898 species of Pokémon until January 2022, so it will be necessary to add those that are added to the franchise.

It is expected that in each generation, there are several video games with the same world because the characters you can catch change even though the game mode is the same.

  • First generation. Its video games were Red, Blue, and Yellow and took place in the Kanto region, which contained a total of 151 pokémon, including four legendary and one that was an experiment of one of them Mewtwo. It had its Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes.
  • Second generation. His video games were Gold, Silver, and Crystal. His first appearance in the anime was with the appearance of the phoenix Ho-Oh and the breaking of an egg, which he named Togepi. This new adventure in the Johto region added 100 more of these creatures to the list.
  • Third generation. The Hoenn region allowed 135 new characters to be added. His video games were Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. In addition, for the first time, it included space characters, such as Deoxys.
  • Fourth generation. Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum expanded the list of these beings to 107 new Pokémon. Although movies were made from the first installment, in this installment, they gave them greater importance for the presentation of their new creatures. Also, for the first time, there was talk of a creator god, a being called Arceus.
  • Fifth generation: There were 156 new ones in this new installment that were starred by the Black and White video games. Also, for the first time, a new generation was launched for the same console: the Nintendo DS.
  • Sixth generation: X and Y were the names given to these video games in a region called Kalos. There was talk of mega evolution for the first time, and so many characters had new designs. 72 new characters were included.
  • Seventh generation: Sol y Luna was the video game of this generation that took place in 2016 and in Alola, a set of islands that took its inspiration from Hawaii. 86 pokemon added.
  • Generation Eight: Sword and Shield were the generations that jumped to the Nintendo Switch and introduced the world to the Galar region. It continued with new forms of Pokémon evolution and design variants. About 91 were added to the list.

The details of the ninth generation are still unknown. As for the anime, after 22 seasons and 1,082 chapters, the character of Ash Ketchum became the official champion of a Pokémon league.

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