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Gta San Andreas Cheats And Codes 2022

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Cheats Code and Secrets.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats and codes page details nearly hundreds of GTA cheats that can be used on  PS2, PS3, PS4, Pc, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. If you are a games lover and want to explore your game cheats then you must need to visit our site Zeetechpro

There are many sorts of cheats in GTA San Andreas, e.g cheats for unlimited ammo, disabling your wanted level, nearly endless health, item spawns, and much more. Check out our most popular cheats list, then see the rest of the cheats codes list for GTA San Andreas further below.

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Most Popular GTA San Andreas Cheats

There are many cheats and codes in GTA San Andreas but here are some famous and popular cheats and codes.

  • Health, Armor, and Money: R1, R2, L1, X (A), LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP // HESOYAM
  • Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE(X), R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE (X), DOWN, L1, L1  //   FULL CLIP
  • (Almost) Infinite Health: Down, X (A), Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle (Y)  //  BAGUVIX
  • Spawn Rhino Tank: CIRCLE (B), CIRCLE (B), L1, CIRCLE (B), CIRCLE (B), CIRCLE (B), L1, L2, R1, TRIANGLE (Y), CIRCLE (B), TRIANGLE (Y)  /  IWPRTON
  • Spawn Jetpack: L1, L2, R1, R2, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT  //  ROCKETMAN
  • Wanted Level Down: R1, R1, CIRCLE (B), R2, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN  //  TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
  • Weapon Set 1: R1, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP  //  LXGIWYL

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GTA San Andreas Cheats

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats Codes

This page has a list of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats, Easter eggs, and other secrets. The following is the list of GTA San Andreas cheats. These are made specifically for PC and will not work on any other platform


  • To enable the Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails to spawn in the Johnson’s Family Home complete all 100 tags in Los Santos.
  • Freeway: Get all Bronze awards in Bike School.
  • Hotring racer: Get First place in 8-Track.
  • Monster Truck: Win it by beatin the 8-Track Tournament.
  • To enable 50 percent extra health to complete level 12 of the paramedic mission.
  • To enable fireproofing complete level 12 of the firefighter missions.
  • BF Injection: Get First place at the Dirt ring race Las Venturas Stadium.
  • Super GT: Get all Bronze medals in Driving school.
  • Jet Pack: Complete the Airstrip asset near Las Venturas.
  • NRG 500: Get all gold medals in Bike School. This bike can be found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson house.
  • To start the pimping mission, enter a broadway (low-rider vehicle) and press R3. Drive the prostitutes to their destinations for big cash. After the tenth “trick” prostitutes PAY you rather than you pay them.
  • Rustler: Get all Bronze medals in pilot school.
  • Dune Buggy: Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring.
  • Hotknife: Get all gold medals in the Driving school.
  • Medic Outfit: 100% with Katie Zhan
  • Pimp Outfit: 100% with Denise Robinson
  • Police Outfit: 100% with Barbara
  • Keep weapon after getting busted: Date Barbara
  • Keep weapon after getting wasted: Date Katie
  • Racing Outfit: 100% with Michelle.

GTA San Andreas World Cheats and Gameplay

These cheat codes focus on gameplay and affect the world/NPCs in GTA San Andreas.

  • HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car
  • BAGUVIX – (Semi)Infinite Health
  • UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3
  • BTCDBCB – Fat Body
  • BUFFMEUP – Muscular Body
  • KVGYZQK – Skinny Body
  • AEZAKMI – Disable Wanted Level
  • STICKLIKEGLUE – Perfect Vehicle Handling
  • ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline Mode
  • FULLCLIP – Infinite Ammo, No Reloading
  • TURNUPTHEHEAT – Increase Wanted Level +2
  • TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Clear Wanted Level
  • BRINGITON – Six Star Wanted Level
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER – Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats
  • NATURALTALENT – Maximize All Vehicle Skill Stats
  • BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis Models for People
  • BGLUAWML – People attack with Rocket Launchers
  • LIFESABEACH – Beach Party Mode
  • WORSHIPME – Maximum Respect
  • SPEEDITUP – Fast Motion
  • SLOWITDOWN – Slow Motion
  • AJLOJYQY – People attack each other with golf clubs
  • BAGOWPG – Have a bounty on your head
  • FOOOXFT – Pedestrians hunt you
  • HELLOLADIES – Maximum Sex Appeal
  • VKYPQCF – Maximum Stamina
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED – Gang Members Mode
  • BIFBUZZ – Gang Control
  • NINJATOWN – Ninja Theme
  • BEKKNQV – Women Talk to You
  • CJPHONEHOME – Big Bunny Hop
  • KANGAROO – Mega Jump
  • CRAZYTOWN – Funhouse Mode
  • SJMAHPE – Recruit Anyone
  • ROCKETMAYHEM – Recruit Anyone
  • CPKTNWT – Blow Up All Cars
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE – Invisible car
  • EVERYONEISPOOR – All Cheap Cars
  • EVERYONEISRICH – All Fast Cars
  • FLYINGFISH – Flying Boats
  • JCNRUAD – Cars Blow Up Easily
  • SPEEDFREAK – All Cars Have Nitro
  • BUBBLECARS – Moon Car Gravity
  • OUIQDMW – Free Aim While Driving
  • GHOSTTOWN – Reduced Traffic
  • FVTMNBZ – Country Vehicles
  • BMTPWHR – Country Vehicles and PeopleSan Andreas cheats
  • ZEIIVG – All green lights
  • YLTEICZ – Aggressive Drivers
  • LLQPFBN – Pink CArs
  • IOWDLAC – Black Cars
  • EVERYONEISPOOR – All Cheap Cars
  • EVERYONEISRICH – All Fast Cars

GTA San Andreas Spawn Cheats

GTA San Andreas cheats and codes to spawn a variety of vehicles.

  • ROCKETMAN – Spawn Jetpack
  • IWPRTON – Spawn Rhino
  • AMOMHRER – Spawn Tanker Truck
  • ITSALLBULL – Spawn Dozer
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT – Spawn Stunt Plane
  • AIYPWZQP – Spawn Parachute
  • VPJTQWV – Spawn Racecar
  • CELEBRITYSTATUS – Spawn Stretch
  • TRUEGRIME – Spawn Trashmaster
  • RZHSUEW – Spawn Caddy
  • JUMPJET – Spawn Hydra
  • OLDSPEEDDEMON – Spawn Bloodring Banger
  • JQNTDMH – Spawn Rancher
  • VROCKPOKEY – Spawn Racecar
  • KGGGDKP – Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
  • OHDUDE – Spawn Hunter
  • FOURWHEELFUN – Spawn Quad
  • MONSTERMASH – Spawn Monster

GTA San Andreas Weather Cheats

GTA San Andreas cheats and codes for adjusting weather.

  • PLEASANTLYWARM – Sunny Weather
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER – Thunderstorm
  • TOODAMNHOT – Very Sunny Weather
  • CFVFGMJ – Foggy Weather
  • YSOHNUL – Faster Clock
  • NIGHTPROWLER – Always Midnight
  • OFVIAC – Orange Sky
  • CWJXUOC – Sandstorm
  • ALNSFMZO – Overcast Weathersan andreas codes
  • AUIFRVQS – Rainy Weather


  • Croupier Uniform- Complete the mission “Breaking the bank at Caligula’s”
  • Overall’s Outfit- Date Helena to 100%
  • Racing Outfit- Date Michelle to 100%
  • Pimp Suit- Date Denise to 100%
  • Police Uniform- Date Barbara to 100%
  • Valet Uniform- Complete the mission “555-WE-TIP”
  • Gimp Suit- Complete the mission “The Key to her Heart”
  • Medic Uniform- Date Katie to 100%

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