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Graveyard Keeper Guide And Cheats


Graveyard Keeper Guide (Early Game Cheats and Strategies)

Today we bring you our guide to Graveyard Keeper with tricks and strategies to get off to a good start in the dark business of cemetery management.

Graveyard Keeper is a fun medieval cemetery management simulator created by tinyBuild, and as its developers say, it is the least realistic ever. The game has just come out for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets after its successful passage through Steam, so we couldn’t help but take a look and see if the good reviews were justified, and we were pleasantly surprised that it is such a game accessible as a complex.

Therefore, in Graveyard Keeper you will have to build and manage your own cemetery while trying to save money, find and manage resources, improve your skills and much more. Graveyard Keeper is quite complex and especially confusing at the beginning since the game does not explain very well what we should do as soon as we start, so in this first guide, we want to help you with Graveyard Keeper tricks in the first steps of the game, along with others additional tips.

Get started in Graveyard Keeper

When starting a new game, dig up Gerry and take the opportunity to explore the game world and become familiar with the layout of the map, talk to the different characters and thus get a general idea of ​​the game. Keep in mind that time will not start to run until the bishop tells you to collect your tools from the cemetery trunk. You can also collect some quests during this time period to complete later and read the garden and graveyard signs.

Take the corpse in the morgue, cut the meat and go to the backyard. Once there, go to the sign on the left. He will tell you to speak to a member of the inquisition. The bishop will tell you to fix the cemetery, but don’t bother clearing it of bushes just yet. Only remove bushes that are in the way of your cemeteries.

Talk to the bishop about the certificate, after which the timer for the day starts running. Get your tools out of the chest, go to the tavern and talk to Horadric about the garden, the contract, and the meat, and then change the contract. Try not to exhaust unnecessary dialogue options, as they could provide you with missions later on. Go to the blacksmith, give him the letter, sharpen your sword

With the sword, there are 4 barrels that can be destroyed around the village to get pieces of iron. You will have seen them before when exploring the village. There are 2 more in the Tavern, Talk to Hourly to get beer, destroy those 2 barrels and search your inventory. If you manage to acquire at least 6 pieces of iron, you can go home, otherwise, try to buy them from the blacksmith.


Clean the bushes in the area and get wood

Once this is done, you need to clear the bushes around your work area and get 10 sticks. Unlock the first wood skill, go northeast and collect berries from all the bushes. You should eat raw berries, mushrooms, and apples when you need energy before the game.

Don’t touch the honey trees until you can use the honey for cooking, or are very close to unlocking the church. After unlocking the insect skill, harvest honey at every opportunity you get. In addition to cake, which is a mission reward recipe, you can unlock muffins that are very cheap to bake. Once this is done, go cut the grove of trees from your house to the morgue, that will be your main source of trees.

When to sleep in Graveyard Keeper

At Graveyard Keeper it doesn’t matter when you sleep. Sleeping is the most cost-effective way to regain energy and you should always choose to rest rather than eat food unless your character is away from home or in a hurry.

Since the basement is right under your house, it is possible to put the game in sleeping before cleaning and reload it if you get a few pieces of iron, although it is difficult to get 5 pieces or more.

Always try to be near the flashlight when dusk comes. If the donkey arrives with a corpse, take that corpse as soon as possible and place it on the autopsy table in the morgue. This will prevent the corpse from decomposing. Then you can sleep if you need energy, sharpen his shovel if it is below 8% durability, or operate the corpse if you have more than half your energy bar.

If you slept before the autopsy, you can reload the game if you make a mistake. Before leaving the house area, make sure your shovel has durability greater than 8%, if you don’t sharpen it, go to the morgue and start the autopsy.

How to get red and green dots in Graveyard Keeper

Make sure to dig up the stumps, dadp that will ensure that the trees will grow back and give you lots of red dots. To get the green points, harvest each and every mushroom and berry bush, and look for vine bushes that can be dug up for 5 green points each, although be careful as they use a lot of energy and the durability of the shovel.

These are all Graveyard Keeper tricks, if you have any questions do not forget to ask them in the comments, and remember you liked the guide and the strategies you can share with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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