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You are no longer a simple inhabitant of the Haven. Now you are the Overseer himself, in charge of its operation. We tell you everything you need to know to make your shelter in Fallout Shelter the best.


Fallout Shelter is a somewhat different bet from what Bethesda has accustomed us to with its post-apocalyptic saga. Instead of going around the Wasteland killing creatures and saving people, we will be the Overseer of a Vault and have to keep it running.

Keep in mind that this is not an easy task. People don’t have a perfect time underground, so it’s not just about eating, drinking water, and sleeping, but keeping them entertained.

For your Shelter to become one of the most successful, we have prepared this complete survival guide for your tenants to survive as comfortably as possible.

How to download Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play game. Therefore, you will not have to pay a penny to be able to get hold of it. To do so, all you have to do is go to the corresponding section of the digital store of the platform on which you want to play it:

  • Fallout Shelter on Android.
  • Fallout Shelter on PS4 .
  • Fallout Shelter on Steam.
  • Fallout Shelter on Xbox One.
  • Fallout Shelter for iPhone.

Can you play Fallout Shelter spending money?

Like any other title in free-to-play format, Shelter offers us the possibility of buying objects to speed up processes or get in-game money to buy novelties for our Shelter.

In essence, we have three types of items that we can acquire. All can be purchased in packs with several units of each :

  • Mr. Handy: Collect resources and caps automatically.
  • Lunch box: a loot box with random content. It can contain everything from a Mr. Handyman to a dweller, caps, resources…
  • Nuka Cola: speed up activities.
  • Pet Cage: Get a Common, Rare, or Legendary pet. Assigning pets to dwellers offers special bonuses.

As you can see, we are not talking about one of those situations in which you have the typical in-game premium currency in the form of Gems, Crystals, and others that make you necessarily have to check out yes or yes. No, in this case, we are only talking about a reduction in time in the creation of the simplest objects. Therefore, it is entirely possible to play without spending any money.

Vault Dwellers

The reason for your existence as Supervisor. The idea is that you should get as many Vault Dwellers (people who live in your facility) as possible, and keep them happy, entertained, and productive as well. A happy Dweller is a productive Dweller. A productive Dweller is a Dweller who does their job well, provides resources and caps, and ensures everything is in order. A nice string of positivity and post-apocalyptic help.

The natural life cycle of a Vault Dweller is as follows:

  • The Dweller appears in your Haven in any of the available ways.
  • You check their stats.
  • You assign him a job based on his SPECIAL attributes.
  • Generate resources and caps for you.
  • You try to pair it with another Dweller to make it breed.
  • It dies (they never die of natural causes), or you expel it from the Refuge for space reasons.

You can only have a maximum of 200 Vault Dwellers, so sooner or later, you’ll end up kicking one of them out.

Dead Dwellers can be resurrected, removed, or left behind.


Wouldn’t expect a world that has survived a nuclear war to be without problems? In Fallout Shelter, there are problems in the form of “Incidents,” which are emergencies that you need to fix as fast as possible.

We have three types of Incidents:

  • Active fires.
  • Mutracha attacks.
  • Looter attacks.

Keep in mind that whenever an incident occurs, you must remember these two things:

  • Pregnant women and children will flee to the nearest bedroom at an incident’s start. They won’t abandon it until it’s fixed.
  • If you don’t fix an Incident fast, people will die.


Your Refuge is divided into rooms, rooms, rooms, or whatever you want to call them. They are the rooms that make up the Vault-Tec facilities assigned to you, and in them, the life of your Dwellers will take place.

Remember that they are not just bedrooms: if you have played any Fallout, you will know that all kinds of activities take place in the Vaults. In total, we have 21 types of rooms available, and in each of them, specific activity is carried out:

  • Accommodations
  • Arsenal
  • Lift
  • Classroom
  • Cellar
  • Coffee
  • Cafeteria
  • sewage treatment plant
  • Nuka-Cola Bottler
  • Nursing
  • radio studio
  • Energy generator
  • Yard
  • Laboratory
  • shelter door
  • water purifier
  • Nuclear reactor
  • Exercises room
  • fitness room
  • weight room
  • Game room

Explore the wasteland

Although you are not going to explore the Wasteland on your own like in other games in the series, it is possible to explore if you send a Dweller.

  • The Dweller can die if he is not well equipped.
  • The Dweller, upon his return, will bring objects of all kinds.
  • The Dweller cannot be killed once ordered back.

Exploring the Wasteland is one of the main sources of resources and items, but keep in mind that, as always, it is a dangerous activity. So the idea to do this effectively is as follows:

  • Choose a Dweller with good SPECIAL and equip him with the best weapons and outfits.
  • Don’t forget to give him Stims and RadAway.
  • Send him to the Wasteland.
  • Pay attention to it from time to time to make sure it survives.
  • If he runs out of Stims (without RadAway, he may survive a bit longer, remember to heal him when he comes back) and you see he’s going to die, bring him back.
  • As we said above, he cannot die while returning, nor will he take damage. Therefore, the way back is not something you should worry about, and you can speed up your trip as much as possible. Of course, remember to heal him as soon as he enters the Vault.


Like many games of this type(Fallout new vegas), Bethesda keeps us hooked with a system of achievements and direct rewards, the Objectives, a list that we can consult in-game, and that will give us Badges and objects for reaching certain milestones.

There are tons of Objectives that we can complete, ranging from accumulating a certain amount of a certain type of resource to getting something we could call “tutorial tasks,” like getting your Dwellers to reproduce and other rarer ones, like find a bald Dweller.

Remember that this is not a simple matter of getting badges because you can also get Lunchboxes, the game’s loot boxes, which can be an exciting reward.


In Fallout Shelter we have various resources, supplies, items, or whatever you prefer. We are going to find them in three types, mainly:

Equipment: Weapons and armor/suits for the Vault Dwellers.
Supplies: energy, water, and food. The first is necessary for the Vault to function, the rest to keep people alive.
Items: RadAway and Stimulants. They serve to heal the effects of radiation and health, respectively.
You will get the resources by completing missions and objectives or by producing them yourself, such as food, water, and energy.

How to get money fast

Getting caps is a job for Captain Obvious. It is something that you will do based on playing and doing the most obvious things:

  • Complete missions and objectives.
  • Defeat enemies and collect loot.
  • Sell ​​what you have left.
  • There’s no “fast” way to do it, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how it works.


As free-to-play that it is, don’t expect tricks that allow you to get infinite resources, that’s what micropayments are for, and logically, the title is based on them. However, we do have a few tricks to share with you.


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