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fallout 3 console command

In Fallout 3, you must be a survivor in the game. You have to fight for your survival, and move along the storyline and complete tasks to save the world from another death. Of course, you can use for this purpose only the tools that the developer has left for you on the surface, but you should not forget about the existence of a console.

After all, this is not something that is off limits, it is a special debugging tool that the in-game developers have purposely left out so that gamers can make detailed settings. Naturally, many use consoles and to cheat, but in most cases the Fallout 3 console commands are completely legal. In our today’s article we will look at it in more detail.

How to use Fallout 3 console command

Before you start exploring the Fallout 3 console commands for in detail, you need to think about how to summon and use the in-game console. So, it’s called using a key, which is called a “tilde”. It looks like this – ~.

If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s a little hint: on most keyboards, you can find it on the left above, just below the Esc key. By default, this is the same key as the letter “ё”, but it is not called because it is not universal, because it is only in the Russian alphabet. A tilde was everywhere, so the name was used. After pressing the button, the console will appear on the screen, consisting of the input line and the status screen. On the input line you will see a blinking cursor.

This means that you can enter there the Fallout 3 console command, This is how you will be able to use the console in the game. Remember that you must call him in the game process, and not in the pause menu.

Free camera

Fallout 3’s first console command, to be discussed, will be associated with your character’s camera. They will not affect gameplay and are intended primarily so that you can make better and more beautiful screenshots, or optimize the game screen to suit your needs. The first command you need to know is tfc. By default, it has a value of 0, but you can change it to 1, and then your game will stop, and the camera will be free, and you can take a screenshot from any angle or just look at your character.

Another useful command is tm, this activates or deactivates all the foreign icons on the screen (health indicator, ammo, mini map and so on). If you have a free camera enabled, you can use the sucsm command, which will allow you to control the rotation speed of the camera. And fov gives you the ability to control the camera viewpoint. Now you can see how useful fallout 3 console commands are. You may not know everything about Fallout 3, but some of the teams are still worth learning, and which one depends on what you are trying to achieve.


fallout 3 console command

You can see all the code for Fallout New Vegas. Cheats, code for this game, you can even download ready-made files and configurations, but you should not assume that console commands are very harmless and therefore useless. They can also help you a lot, depending on your goals.

If you want to learn the advanced care of your character, then you need to start with the cheats – the most important features. After that, you have to enter a certain character identifier and set its value to 1, which will make it immutable.

There is also an interesting team of players.placeleveledactoratme that allows you to determine the identification number of any creature, which will allow you to clone it, and place clones next to you – so you can pump up heroes faster and collect dropped items and covers. And of course, don’t forget about the teleport console, which you can use completely free of charge.

Using the player.moveto command, you will enter a specific character identifier and move there immediately. As you can see, the code for the Fallout 3 game is really tied to the usual teams, and you can choose what you want to use.

Stock for fallout 3

fallout 3 cheat code

Some of the following console commands are treated as code for Fallout New Vegas (other than Fallout 3) and go straight to the third part itself. Why? The problem is that certain teams can give you an advantage playing the game. This automatically makes them cheat. For example, a common command that can be classified as a cheat is player.additem. You need to write it in a special way.

After the order itself, you must first determine the identification number of the item you want to receive, and then the amount. If you add the health percent combination, you can get the item not in the latest status. Only you need to show how badly they wear out. In the same way, you can remove items from your inventory using the player.removeitem command.

Fallout 3 Object Commands

It’s time to pay attention to a completely different kind of team that requires the initial selection of an object in New Vegas’s Fallout 3 game itself. Cheating codes for games, parts of the game can often be offered by different people, but the essence remains the same. So, if someone tells you to use these commands without objects, don’t listen, because you’re just wasting your time. So, if you click the character, you can enter, for example, the command inv. This will allow you to view the inventory.

If you remember about the team that allows you to move to another character, then there is another one that acts the other way around: the moveto player is the team that transfers the selected character to you. The simplest is killing, with its help you can immediately kill any character, but you have to remember that some characters in the game are the key to the storyline, and if you kill them you will not be able to finish the game.

Fallout 3 console command

There are also commands that allow you to correct what you’ve done (or what evil monsters or bandits have done). The resethealth command allows you to fully restore your character’s health, and reviving allows you to bring him back to life. Please note that you will not be able to resurrect yourself this way. With the tdetect command, you can make your character invisible to others.

The same can be done with your hero. And if you want you can use the tai command. Then all the characters, creatures and other elements of the game, controlled by artificial intelligence, will stop moving and function. If you want your characters and monsters to keep moving, but not fighting you, use the tcai command.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention some very frequently used commands for various purposes – these are disabled and enabled. Since you can easily guess, with their help, you can turn off the selected object or selected character, or turn it back on. The console command summary table from the Fallout 3 games most often cites this pair as one unit and offers a list of examples of their use.


On a well-known site dedicated exclusively to the game, called, the cheat codes for the game Fallout 3 begin with the manipulation of various statistics and skills, because most often people look for this opportunity among all console commands. If you are also interested in the opportunity to improve your stats and improve your skills, then you need to remember a number of commands that will be of great use to you in this regard. The most basic is player.getav, after which you need to define which parameters you want to accept. It will be fulfilled soon.

If you already have a parameter indicator, you can quickly pump it using the player.modav command, after which you now need to specify not only the parameter name, but also the value you want to add to it. If you don’t want to waste time, use the player.forceav command. This will allow you not to add a specific number of parameter points, but simply assign a specific value to it.

fallout 3 gameplay

As for the perks, they can be added using the player.addperk command, and deleted, respectively, using player.removeperk. However, this doesn’t end the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas console commands, which deal with your hero’s skills and abilities.


Further work with parameters

Each team in the game is unique in its own way, so it will take you a lot of time to learn the console commands, id objects, monsters, characters and characteristics in Fallout 3.As for the latter, there is still a certain set of commands that, if desired, can also be written. as a cheat, which will allow you to more seriously affect your skills. For example, you can speed up the pumping of your hero or slow him down.

To do this, use the player command scale. If you are referring to a characteristic, for example, gender, then you need the command player.sexchange, which allows you to make a woman out of your male character and vice versa. As you understand, the floor can be changed only when you create a hero, after which it is impossible to change it, only through the console. The same goes for your hero’s name, race, appearance and so on. If you still decide to change, use the commands displayed in the menu and show menu. This will open a menu window where you can create a hero at the start of the game.

consoles commands

You can also level up your character with the player.advlevel command. In this case, there is also a second method that allows you not to suffer, but simply to set a specific level indicator for your hero – player.setlevel. There are also useful little bounty orders, with which you cannot directly influence skills, characteristics and even levels. You can add to your karma and hero experience.

Well, the last thing worth mentioning in this section is your hero’s moves. You can speed up your hero using the setgs fmoverunmult command, as well as increase the height of his jump using the setgs fjumpheightmin command. Please note that these are fallout 3 console command. New Vegas can be used at any time, and they are reversible, so you can change the characters and game conditions as much as you like.


Another important team group in the game is responsible for the reputation your heroes have in the various factions of the game. This fallout 3 console command looks a bit complicated. However, you have to keep them in mind if you want to use them. So, the command itself looks like this: addreputation.

However, after that you have to enter the identifier of the faction in question, then indicate with a numeric value what kind of reputation you want to earn from them – good or bad, good, and then indicate the number of reputation points you wish to register. If you only want to specify a specific value, as you can in many other cases, then you need to use the setreputation command. Nothing complicated here, everything is done the same way as before,

Another manipulation

Naturally, all the teams will be very difficult to describe, because there are so many of them. There are useful unlock commands that open any door, lock any, and so on. The same can be said about activating. This command will often be used by you if you are serious about deciding to get involved with the console in the game. In addition, you can use setownership to customize any object that comes your way. Nothing can be against you.

As you can see, you just have to figure out how to get the Fallout console to work, learn a few commands, and you’ll have a lot of possibilities. With your team, you can even change the size of items, monsters and characters. Use a combination setting scale for this. Also do not forget about the command that sets the time scale, after which you must determine the value of the time flow rate. This can be useful in those cases, if you, for example, don’t want nightfall. Slow down time and always play during the day. But be careful, as slowing down excessively or speeding up the time can cause the game to malfunction, so do so at your discretion at your own risk.

Another trick

Well, in general the main teams have already been explained. Among them there are also those that affect not the gameplay, but, for example, the perception of the game or they make it possible to cut out bugs and glitches. In general, these fallout 3 console command cannot be linked to cheats, but there are a lot of codes in between. You have met many of them already, but you should also pay attention to the last few that may be of interest to everyone.

One of the most important teams is tgm. Most likely the most used. The fact is it makes your hero immortal, but it doesn’t stop there and also gives him an infinite number of cartridges for all kinds of weapons. In general, with this command you are transformed into a real killing machine. There is also a cheat for walking through walls (tcl),

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