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Fallout 3 is an action-roleplaying video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published in 2008 by Bethesda Softwork, sets in post-nuclear Washington D.C. It is the third major instalment in the Fallout series. Bethesda after buying the franchise from interplay entertainment it was the first game that they created. This story tells about a nameless inhabitant of Vault 101 who searches for his missing father. Playing on the dangers of the Capital Wasteland won’t be easier, so however, we have made a list of all  Fallout 3 cheats and codes. And if you are also looking for the fallout 3 console commands we also write these to help you out.

Note: These cheats and codes are specifically for the Fallout 3 PC game, but all Fallout 4 cheats and tricks for Fallout 76 are available.

Fallout 3 PC cheats lists

This article contains the full list of PC console commands and cheats that can be used in Fallout 3. To use a cheat code, bring up the console by pressing the tilde key (~)and type it at the prompt.

Cheat Codes Effects
 tmm1 Show all map markers.
rewardxp # Add the specified amount of experience points.
agerace 1 Age a character.
player.additem (ITEMCODE #) Add the specified item to your inventory.
player.addperk (ITEMCODE #) Give your character the specified perk.
addspecialpoints # Add the desired amount of SPECIAL points.
player.additem 0000000F # Add the specified amount of money to your inventory.
player.agerace 1 Age yourself.
tsb # Add the specified amount of blood to the screen.
player.modScale 1 Become a giant.
player.setlevel # Change your level.
set timescale to # Change how fast time passes.
fov # Change the field of view from 1 to 180.
player.setav speedmult # Change only the player’s speed (set the number above 100 to move faster).
setscale # Change the size of any NPC or target.
modpca (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) # Change a stat.
disable Delete a character without killing it.
GetQuestCompleted Complete the current quest.
CompleteAllObjectives Completes all objectives.
DisableAllMines Disables all mines.
kill Kill the selected target.
advlevel Increase your level by one.
KillAll Kill all NPCs in the immediate area.
tgm Enables God mode.
tcl Enables No-Clip mode.
player.removeperk (ITEMCODE #) Remove a perk.
showracemenu Reset your character’s appearance.
player.setactorfull name “[first name] [last name]” Reset your character’s name.
rewardKarma # Reward Karma points to the player.
setgs fJumpHeightMin # Set jump height.
setgs fAVDCarryWeightsBase # Set maximum carry weight.
setspecialpoints # Set SPECIAL points.
player.setav<SKILL> # Set skill level up to 100.
TG Toggle grass.
getXPfornextlevel Show the XP needed to reach the next level.
player.placeatme (NPCCODE #) Spawn the specified NPC at the player’s location.
tfc Toggle Free Camera mode.
player.setav<S.P.E.C.I.A.L.> # Set an attribute to a number between 1 and 10.
tai Toggle NPC A.I.
tcai Toggle NPC combat A.I.
TT Toggle trees.
TWF Toggle Wireframe mode.
coc (CELLID #) Transport to any cell.
setPCyoung Turn your character into a child.
MoveToQuestTarget/movetoqt Warp to quest’s target location.
unlock Unlock the selected lock.
coc testqaitems Warp to room with all items.
tm Toggle HUD on or off.
SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1 Wear Brotherhood of Steel armour.

Fallout 3 Add Perk and Add Items codes

If you want Fallout 3 weapons and ammo codes, armour codes, book and schematics codes, perks and quest perk codes then you are on the right page. We have all these;

Weapons and Ammos codes

These are the Fallout 3 cheats and codes for weapons and ammos.

  • .32 Pistol – 0000080A
  • .44 Magnum – 00050F92
  • Ant’s Sting – 000C553E
  • Assault Rifle – 0001FFEC
  • Baseball Bat – 0000421C
  • BB Gun – 000C0327
  • Black Bart’s Bane – 0006B535
  • 10mm Pistol – 0001A334
  • 10mm Sub Machine Gun – 00004321
  • Alien Blaster – 00004322
  • Blackhawk – 000303A2
  • Board of Education – 000C310F
  • Bottlecap Mine – 0000433A
  • Brass Knuckles – 00004324
  • Breaker – 000CB546
  • Buzzsaw – 0003BC6F
  • Chinese Assault Rifle – 00046BDD
  • Combat Knife – 00064093
  • Combat Shotgun – 00004327
  • Chinese Officer’s Sword – 0006415D
  • Chinese Pistol – 00004325
  • Combat Shotgun – 0003713D
  • Dart Gun – 0000432A
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet – 0000432B
  • Electrical Zap – 00022FF1
  • Eugene – 0006B538
  • Excalibat – 000C80BC
  • Flamer – 00039550
  • Frag Grenade – 00004330
  • Frag Mine – 00028172
  • Fat Man – 0000432C
  • Fire Hydrant – 00021367
  • GasTrap Dummy – 000001F6
  • Gatling Laser – 0000432E
  • Hunting Rifle – 00004333
  • Hand Laser – 00018B9E
  • Jack – 000C6E5B
  • Knife – 00004334
  • Laser Rifle – 00004336
  • Laser Rifle – 00074795
  • Laser – 0007B237
  • Laser Pistol – 00004335
  • Lead Pipe – 00004337
  • Liberty Laser – 00033FE2
  • LibertyPrimeWeapBomb – 0005932F
  • Mesmeron – 00004339
  • Miss Launcher – 000B2644
  • Missile Launcher – 00057E8F
Fallout 3 console command
  • Mesmetron – 000BF5A4
  • Minigun – 0000433F
  • Mirelurk Bait Grenade – 00030664
  • Nail Board – 000A01DD
  • Nuka-Grenade – 00004342
  • Plasma Gun – 0003954F
  • Plasma Rifle – 00004344
  • Plasma Mine – 0000433D
  • Plasma Pistol – 00004343
  • Plasma Grenade – 00004332
  • Police Batton – 00004345
  • Protectron’s Gaze – 000C553F
  • Pool Cue – 00004346
  • Power Fist – 00004347
  • Pulse Grenade – 00004331
  • Pulse Mine – 0000433E
  • Radioactive Spit – 00058717
  • Repellent Stick – 0002D3B7
  • Reservist’s Rifle – 00092966
  • Ripper – 00004349
  • Railway Rifle – 00004348
  • Rock-it Launcher – 0000434B
  • Rolling Pin – 00029769
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun – 0000434C
  • Scoped .44 Magnum – 0000434D
  • Shishkebab – 0000434E
  • Sledgehammer – 00063FA2
  • Sniper Rifle – 00004353
  • Switchblade – 000289C3
  • Silenced 10mm Pistol – 00004350
  • Spiked Knuckels – 00004354
  • Super Sledge – 000B0E7C
  • Tire Iron – 00004328

Ammunition cheat codes

These are fallout 3 cheats and codes for ammunition.

  • .308 Caliber Round – 0006B53C
  • .32 Caliber Round – 000207F7
  • .44 Round Magnum – 0002937E
  • 10mm Round – 00004241
  • 5mm Round – 0006B53D
  • 5.56mm Round – 00078CC4
  • Alien Powercell – 00029364
  • Bottlecap Mines – 0000433A
  • BB – Ammo – 0002935B
  • Dart – 00047419
  • Electron Charge Pack – 0006B53E
  • Energy Cell – 00020772
  • Frag Grenades – 00004330
  • Frag Mines – 0000433C
  • Flamer Fuel – 00029371
  • Mesmetron Power Cell – 0006A80D
  • Microfusion Cell – 00004485
  • Missile – 000B8791
  • Mini Nuke – 00020799
  • Pulse Grenades – 00004331
  • Railway Spikes – 00029384
  • Sonic Energy – 00056634
  • Shotgun Shell – 00028EEA

Famous weapons codes

  • 10mm SMG Sydneys ‘Ultra’ – 0006E7CC
  • A3-21’s Plasma Rifle – 0006B539
  • Butch’s Toothpick – 00078440
  • Burnmaster (Unique Flamer) – 000C80BD
  • Chinese Pistol (Zhu-Rong v418 ) – 00060C2C
  • Clover’s Cleaver – 000C80B8
  • Col. Autumn’s Laser Pistol – 000ABBE4
  • Col. Autumn’s 10mm Pistol – 0006B531
  • Curse Breaker – 000C80BB
  • Experimental MIRV – 0003422B
  • Firelance – 000C80BA
  • Fisto! – 000CB601
  • Fawkes’ Super Sledge – 0007843F
  • Highwayman’s Friend – 00078442
  • Lincoln’s Repeater – 0003C07A
  • Love Tap – 000C80B9
  • Law Dog – 0006B532
  • O’Grady’s Peacemaker – 0007843D
  • Ol’ Painless – 00066C76
  • Occam’s Razor – 000CB602
  • Plunkett’s Valid Points – 000CAFA9
  • Smuglers End (Laser Pistol) – 0006B536
  • Stabhappy – 000C80BE
  • Sydney’s 10mm “Ultra” SMG – 0005DEEE
  • Shriek – 0007F598
  • Slasher Knife – 0002869C
  • The Break – 00066C77
  • The Shocker – 000BFF62
  • The Kneecapper – 0006B53A
  • The Tenderizer – 000A874B
  • The Terrible Shotgun – 0006B534
  • Vampire’s Edge – 00078441
  • Vengeance (Gatling Laser) – 000CB547
  • Victory Rifle – 000CB548
  • Wazer Wifle – 00061793

Fallout 3 Armor cheats

For entering cheats press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard which pauses the game, and a terminal appears in the lower-left corner on the screen. Type the code in the terminal and then press enter for your desired effect. The following cheats and codes work with the Microsoft Windows version of the game.

Armour Cheat Code
All-Purpose Science Suit 000CB605
Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet 000CB5F7
Apocalypse Gladiator Armor 000CB5F6
Army Power Armor 00061A72
Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit 0006C587
Athlete of the Wastes Outfit 000340FB
Ballcap with Glasses 00028FFA
Bandana 00073D57
Biker Goggles 0009B188
Blast Off Helmet 0007494C
BirthSkirt 0007CFF0
Boogeyman’s Hood 0008F775
Brahmin-Skin Outfit 00018DE5
Brotherhood Power Armor 00075201
Brotherhood Power Helmet 00075203
Brotherhood Scribe Robe 000854CF
Button’s Wig 0008A6DD
Child Blastoff Helmet 0007C109
Chinese Jumpsuit 000340D2
Chinese Commando Hat 00078646
Colonel Autumn’s Uniform 0005157E
Combat Armor 00020420
Combat Helmet 00020426
Commando Armor 000CB544
Composite Recon Armor 000CB5FA
Composite Recon Helmet 000CB5FB
Crow’s Eyebot Helmet 000B17A0

Fallout 3 cheats for pc


Armor Cheat Code
Dad’s Wasteland Outfit 00079F09
Defender Armor 000CB543
Dirty Pre-War Businesswear 000CB603
Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit 0005C682
Dirty Pre-War Kid’s Outfit 000340C4
Dirty Pre-War Casualwear 000340CF
Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB70
Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit 00066C71
Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB6F
Doctor Li’s Glasses 0005C9A0
Doctor Li’s Outfit 000340DA
Elder Lyons’ Robe 00087274
Enclave Officer Hat 00078647
Enclave Officer Uniform 000340DE
Enclave Scientist Outfit 0001B5BD
Enclave Power Armor 00023B62
Enclave Shocktrooper Armor 000CB5F3
Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet 000CB5F4
Environment Suit 000C09D4
Eulogy Jones’ Hat 00034126
Eyebot Helmet 0004E6A0
Explorer’s Gear 000CB549
Eyeglasses 000340FD


Armour Cheat Code
Ghoul Mask 0001DC1C
Glasses Reading Child 0005DC82
Grimy Pre-War Business wear 000B1056
Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor 000CB5FE
Handyman Jumpsuit 000BF6FD
Head Wrap 00074336
Hat of the People 000CB604
Highway Scar Armor 000CB5FF
Hockey Mask 00033598
Junior Officer Outfit 000340F9
Kid’s Baseball Cap 000340C1
Kid’s Ballcap with Glasses 0009B185
Kid’s Cave Rat Outfit 000340E4
Kid’s Murray the Mole Hat 00078643
Kid’s Police Hat 000340E2
Kid’s Party Hat 0008FF8
Lab Technician Outfit 000340D7
Leather Armor 00020423
Leather Armor 0002DC05
Ledoux’s Hockey Mask 0007401C
Lesko’s Lab Coat 000C24F9
Lucky Shades 00070877
Linden’s Outcast Power Armor 0004445B
Lincoln’s Hat 000CB54B
Lyons’ Pride Power Armor 00061A73


Armour Cheat Code
MacCready’s Helmet 0002D11B
Makeshift Gas Mask 000C111A
Maple’s Garb 0005A6CA
Mayor MacCready’s Outfit 000340E7
Merc Charmer Outfit 00034122
Merc Adventurer Outfit 00034124
Merc Grunt Outfit 000CB60A
Merc Cruiser Outfit 000CB60B
Merc Troublemaker Outfit 00034123
Merc Veteran Outfit 0008C83C
Metal Helmet 00033080
Metal Armor 0003307F
Modified Utility Jumpsuit 0007C17C
Motorcycle Helmet 0009B186
Mysterious Stranger Hat 0006B467
Mysterious Stranger Outfit 0006696D
Naughty Nightwear 000C8E07
Oasis Druid Hood 0009B18A
Oasis Robe 000340E8
Oasis Exile Hood 000C942D
Oasis Villager Robe 000340E9
Outcast Power Armor 00060C70
Outcast Recon Helmet 000645ED
Outcast Power Helmet 00060C72


Armour Cheat Code
Party Hat Stanley 000B75E2
Party Hat 00050E44
Pint-Sized Slasher Mask 000340FC
Police Hat 000AB491
Poplar’s Hood 0005A6CB
Power-Suit Armor 000CB60C
Power Helmet 00014C08
Power Armor 00025083
Pre-War Baseball Cap 00028FF9
Pre-War Bonnet 000340CD
Pre-War Casualwear 0001EA6D
Pre-War Kid’s Outfit 000340C3
Pre-War Hat 000340C8
Pre-War Outfit and Watch 000ABBE2
Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB66
Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB63
Pre-War Spring Outfit 000340D0
Prototype Medic Power Armor 0007836E
Pyro Helmet 000CB600
Radiation Suit 00033078
Ragamuffin Tophat 00074950
Ragamuffin Outfit 000340F8
Raider Arclight Helmet 00078644
Raider Badlands Armor 0003307D
Raider Painspike Armor 0002042F
Raider Blastmaster Armor 0003307E
Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet 00020432
Raider Sadist Armor 0003307C
Raider Wastehound Helmet 00078645
Ranger Battle Armor 00023030
Ranger Battle Helmet 00034105
Recon Armor Helmet 00028EAD
Recon Armor 0003064D
Red’s Bandana 000340EB
Red’s Jumpsuit 000340EA
Red Racer Jumpsuit 0003411B
Regulator Duster 0003E54A
Rivet City Security Helmet 000239CB
Rivet City Security Uniform 000239CC
Road Rascal Leather Armor 000CB5F5
RobCo Jumpsuit 0003411A
Robo-Thor Helmet 000CB5F8
Roving Trader Outfit 0002B385
Roving Trader Hat 00078648


Armour Cheat Code
Scientist Outfit 000340D9
Sexy Sleepwear 000340E6
Sheriff’s Hat 0002DD80
Sharp-Dressed Raider’s Armor 000CB5FC
Shellshocked Combat Armor 000CB5EF
Shellshocked Combat Helmet 000CB5F0
Sheriff’s Duster 00020429
Shady Hat 0007C17D
Slave Collar 0002F563
Slave Collar 0003D1FE
Sleepwear 000CB60E
Stormchaser Hat 0009B189
Sunglasses 0005C99F
Surgical Mask 0003E591
T-51b Power Helmet 000A6F78
T-51b Power Armor 000A6F77
Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap 000C72FB
Talon Combat Armor 000A6F76
Talon Combat Helmet 000B0278
Tenpenny’s Suit 00096CB7
Tenpenny Security Helmet 0005B6EB
Tenpenny Security Uniform 00034119
Tesla Armor 2 0006B464
Tesla Armor 1 0006B465
Tesla Helmet 0008F571
The AntAgonizer’s Costume 0003411D
The AntAgonizer’s Helmet 0003411F
The Devil’s Pigtails 000CB5FD
The Mechanist’s Costume 0003411E
The Mechanist’s Helmet 00034120
The Surgeon’s Lab Coat 000C71E1
Three Dog’s Head Wrap 000ACDA4
Three Dog’s Glasses 00073FEC
Tinted Reading Glasses 0001C295
Torcher’s Mask 000C7C4E
Tortiseshell Glasses 0005C9A1
Tunnel Snake Outfit 00061D98


Armour Cheat Code
Underwear 00089B52
Vance’s Longcoat Outfit 00083C5C
Vault 101 Security Armor 0001CBDD
Vault 101 Child’s Jumpsuit 000340F2
Vault 101 Security Helmet 0003411C
Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit 000425BA
Vault 108 Jumpsuit 000B73F1
Vault 106 Jumpsuit 000B73F2
Vault 112 Jumpsuit 000340EF
Vault 87 Jumpsuit 000340ED
Vault 77 Jumpsuit 000CAFBE
Vault 92 Jumpsuit 000B73F3
Vault Lab Uniform 0001CBDC
Wanderer’s Leather Armor 000C7C54
Wasteland Doctor Fatigues 000340FE
Wasteland Legend Outfit 000CB609
Wasteland Scout Hat 00074952
Wasteland Surgeon Outfit 000340FF
Wasteland Scout Uniform 000340FA
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit 0001BA00

Fallout 3 tips

Fallout 3 Perk Codes and Quest Perk Codes

These are Fallout 3 perk cheats and codes.

Perk ID Code
Adamantium Skeleton 00094EC4
Action Girl 0007B202
Action Boy 00031DBA
Animal Friend 00031DB5
Better Criticals 00031DBB
Black Widow 00094EB8
Bloody Mess 00094EBA
Cannibal 00094EBC
Commando 00099828
Chem Resistant 00099827
Child at Heart 00003142
Chemist 0009982D
Comprehension 00031DE1
Computer Wiz 00031DC4
Concentrated Fire 00044CAF
Contract Killer 00044CA8
Cyborg 00044CAB
Daddy’s Girl 00069310
Daddy’s Boy 00044948
Demolition Expert 00031DAB
Dream Crusher 00030FEB
Educated 00031DD8
Explorer 00031DE5
Entomologist 00031DD9
Fast Metabolism 00094EBF
Finesse 00094EC1
Fortune Finder 00031DE3
Grim Reaper Spirit 00099834
Gunslinger 00094EBB
Gun Nut 0004494E
Hematophage 00003131
Here and Now 00031DAC
Impartial Meditation 00044CAD
Infiltrator 00044CB0
Intense Training 00044CB1
Iron Fist 00031DDB
Lady Killer 00094EB9
Law Bringer 00044CAC
Lead Belly 00044CA9
Life Giver 00031DB1
Light Step 00031DB7
Little Leaguer 00014B97
Master Trader 00031DB8
Mister Sandman 00031DAD
Mysterious Stranger 00031DBC
Nerd Rage 00044CA7
Night Person 00094EBD
Ninja 00031DCC
Paralyzing Palm 00044CAA
Power Armor Training 00058FDF
PyroManiac 00031DB2
Rad Resistance 00031DA9
Robotics Expert 00031DC2
Scrounger 00031DAA
Scoundrel 00044CA6
Silent Running 00031DB3
Size Matters 0009982E
Sniper 00031DB4
Solar Powered 00031DC5
Strong Back 00031DDE
Swift Learner 00031DD3
Thief 00031DB6
Tag 00031DDD
Toughness 00031DE0
Well Rested 00061822

Fallout 3 Quest Perk Cheats and Codes

Following are the Fallout 3 quest perk codes.

Perk ID Code
Ant Strength 000C1A6B
Ant Sight 000C1A6C
Barkskin 00035E04
Wired Reflexes 00024D5C
Rad Regeneration 0003066B

Console Commands for Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Schematics Codes

Following are the Schematics codes and cheats of Fallout 3.

Book Code
Nuka-Grenade 000BAFFD
Shishkebab 000BB000
Deathclaw Gauntlet 000BAFFC
Bottlecap Mine 000BAFFB
Railway Rifle 000BAFFE
Rock-It Launcher 000BAFFF
Dart Gun 000BAFFA

Fallout 3 Book Codes

Book codes of fallout 3 are as follows.

Book Code
Duck and Cover! 0006A80C
Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual 00034045
Dean’s Electronics 0003403D
Big Book of Science 0002D3A4
Footlocker 000199C2
Grognak the Barbarian 00034040
Guns and Bullets 0003403E
Journal of Internal Medicine 00034043
Lying, Congressional Style 00034044
Motivational Secrets of the Stars 0002D3A3
Nikola Tesla and You 00034041
Pugilism Illustrated 0003403F
Tumblers Today 00034046
Survival Guide Manuscript 0002D3B2
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor 00034042
Paradise Lost 000BACFE
U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes 00034048
Wasteland Survival Guide 000C5634
You’re SPECIAL! 000AB2EF

Hope you enjoyed playing with these cheats. Please tell us that this guide is helpful for you?

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