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How to download free games on Nintendo 3DS

How to download free games on Nintendo 3DS

How to download free games on nintendo 3ds. You just bought a Nintendo 3DS , the latest portable console from Nintendo before the Switch / Switch Lite. Not? Surely you have already started exploring the number of possibilities offered by the latter and the degree group you’ve got.

Perhaps your budget is now tight and, knowing that you can afford free games , you want more information about it. Why is this the case, am I right? So I am happy to announce that you have arrived at the right place at the right time!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain exactly how to download free games on the Nintendo 3DS. First, I will also explain how to prepare the console and memory card that you should use to download the game. Because the format on the SD Card is limited to the connection to the Internet from the console, over creating an account is required to access 3DS functions online. Obviously, then, I will not fail to provide you with all the case details about what content you can allow for free (and legally).

What do you say, are you ready to continue playing Nintendo 3DS at no cost? Come then, all you have to do is take some time, relax and follow the instructions below. Having said this, there is no more. Unless you like to read fun and enjoy!

How to download free games on Nintendo 3DS. Previous steps.

Before going into details about the procedure on how to download free games on the Nintendo 3DS , it is important to describe the initial operation required for the correct operation of the console. Below you will find everything you need to know.

Prepare the SD card

The Nintendo 3DS and all related models (such as the Nintendo 2DS) allow you to download games from the Internet, but to do so you need to go through an SD / SDHC Card .

However, there is a limitation: SD cards can work from a maximum of 32 GB and the latter must be formatted in fat . If you don’t know which model to buy, I suggest you google or search my web page for which SD card to buy . Obviously take care to respect the parameters that I have indicated above. For more information on cards that work, I also recommend you see Nintendo’s official guidelines.

To format the SD card in FAT, you can use a tool that is implemented “as default” by the operating system . However, my advice is to use a free SD card format program , available for Windows and for MacOS and distributed directly by the SD Society (an association made up of the world’s leading SD card manufacturers). In fact, this software allows you to format SD cards more effectively and securely than using “standard” tools.

For windows

To install the SD card format in Windows , simply connect to the program’s official web site. Scroll down the page and click the blue button For window . At this point, read the terms and conditions that will be visible on the screen and press the button to accept the present in the glass, to start the unscrew program

Then open the SD Card Formatter file (version). post and you will find an extract of its contents in any folder . If you don’t know how, find a way to unzip a ZIP archive . Too easy.

Once finished, start the SD card formatter file (version) Setup. exe . Click on the next item to check the box I accept the terms of the license agreement. And then go below , below , install , thanks , finished y thanks for completing the installation

For MacOs

About the procedure and MacOS , you can download the SD card format by linking to this page by reading my terms and conditions and pressing the accept button . Once the download is complete, you will need to extract the contents of the extracted SDCardFormatter (version) .zip file and open the Install SD card format (version) .mpkg file .

At this point, you should click successfully followed , followed , accept , followed y install . Now you need to insert the local keyword and press Success Install software , fence y movement , to complete the installation.

Then you need to insert the formatted SD Card in the computer . If your terminal does not have a special notch terminal , you can solve the problem by purchasing an SD / microSD to USB adapter . In general, the cost of this product is less than 10 euros.

Alternatively, if you have a Mac with only a remote door in USB-C format , you can consider buying an SD / MicroSD to USB-C adapter or USB-C hub with an integrated card reader . Again, the price is usually less than 10 euros.

Once started Format SD card select Drive SD card from the Select card drop -down menu . Write to nombre you want to register a volume in the field of label volumes continue to press the first format and the recipient . If you are using MacOS , you thought you should write el local keywords .
In short, the SD card format is fairly easy to use, but if you need more information, you can find it in my guide on how to change the SD card. After completing the SD card format, remember to insert the last one in the Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 2DS Slot .

Connect the console to the Internet

After setting up the SD card, you need to connect the console to the internet . Fortunately, this is a simple procedure. I will explain how to do that directly.

To get started, turn on the 3DS and press the spanner icon (that’s from the settings ), in the console’s main menu. After that, press the Internet Settings button and, if necessary, activate the wireless bracket pushing the crowbar located on the right side.

Now press the blue Connection Settings button , select one of the three available stores ( Connection 1 , Connection 2 o Connection 3 ) and press the New Connection button . Then press the guided key , follow the procedure provided by the console and answer the questions that appear on the screen. The console will ask if you are inside the house or out, if you have a point of access. If you have a Wi and if you are a router that supports AOSS y WPS technology .

Obviously, your answer should vary based on your settings, but often you should press first I don’t know / not of this and then accept , to start looking for a ready wireless connection .

At this point, select the name of the network you want to connect to and write the password . Be press accept and it will perform a connection test . If all directions are correct, the text will appear on the Successful Connection screen and the Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 2DS will start downloading any software updates . At this point, press the console back button and head back to the main settings menu.

Create a Nintendo ID card

Your goal now is to configure the Nintendo Network ID or profile needed to access the Nintendo eShop (Japanese corporate digital store), from which you want to download.

Then press the Nintendo Network ID Settings button present at the top and first click on the good element and then the below (several times) Now select the Create new ID item and press below . Then you need to complete the form that appears on the screen with all the required data, such as date of birth , membership gender y Country of residence .

You will also need to write your Nintendo Network ID , that is, the username and password you will use to access online services from the Japanese company. You will also be asked to enter a valid email address and press confirm . Finally, you must choose if you want to restrict the use of your Nintendo ID on one device and validate the account by clicking on the confirmation link received by email

Perfect, you have now successfully configured your console to access Nintendo services online. For more details about existing profiles, I suggest you check out my tutorial on how to create a Nintendo Account.

How to get free games on Nintendo 3DS

After explaining how to configure the Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 2DS to be able to download free games I would say you are ready to take action.

Then go to the main console screen and press the icon Nintendo eShop (Shopping Bag) You may be asked to enter the username and password of the account that you managed in advance.

Once you enter the digital store , you can browse all the games that can be downloaded on your console, you will immediately notice that there are several subdivisions and that there are two titles for a fee you play freely : the latter is clearly interested.

Similarly, the first part that you should consider is the form or trial version of the game. To access this section of the Nintendo eShop, simply press the green icon in the form present below.

Here you will find some free reduced versions of some of the most successfully released titles for the Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 2DS, with Pokémon Sun and Full Moon for Detective Pikachu, through WarioWare Gold y Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate . In conclusion, with this game you already have a few free hours for your gaming sessions.

However, few are aware that the electronic store also includes free download of full games . In fact, there are a few exceptions. It is not listed in the store catalog so it must be searched manually. That is the very reason why many people do not know this possibility.

Free games for Nintendo 3DS

In any case, as stated on Nintendo’s official website, the free (or free, as the Japanese company calls it) the titles available for the 3DS / 2DS are Fullblox , IRONFALL Attack , Mario Party: Star Rush – Guest , Metroid Prime: Ball Blast , Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo challenge , Nintendo Badge Arcade , Pokemon Picross , Pokémon World Fall , Pokémon Shuffle , armor driving : Sub War , Pictoposta y Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. In short, games that are not downloaded for free are definitely no less and there are also solutions for some tastes.

To install one of these titles, simply use the search function la Nintendo eShop . To give a concrete example, I will test the match. Pokémon World Fall . Well, to download the latter, after you go into the Nintendo digital store, you need to hit the search item there in the upper right, write » pokemon world roar ” and continue good .

After that, scroll through the list of results until you find Pokémon World of Fall (Pikachu Icon) and select it. Perfect, now simply press the Continue button to download , below , download y Complete the download now , to start the installation of the game. Once the download is complete, you will find the game on the main page of the console and hit the wall and Pokémon World Fall , to start.

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