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Destiny 2: Forsaken – Shattered Throne dungeon

Destiny 2: Forsaken brings with it a new dungeon, The Shattered Throne

The Shattered Throne is like a mini raid that a team can complete for three and a Triumph will appear at the end. Bungie previously said that it would deliver fresh new content on the record, and The Shattered Throne definitely does.

The Shattered Throne appears in Curse of the Week, so you can plan ahead to try and complete it and find the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow. Chances are high that you will have to complete The Shattered Throne as part of the Mystery Box quest, so be sure to check out our guide first.

This is also your last chance to participate in the Iron Flag before Shadowkeep begins on October 1.

Enemies towards the end of this mission are in the 590 power region so while there is no recommended power level, we recommend that you ensure that at least one of your members is in the 570 power region.

Here’s our guide to completing The Shattered Throne complete with a video tutorial

Destiny 2: Forsaken – The Shattered Throne

There are no prerequisites for this mission, simply head to The Confluence by going through the portal near the Oracle Engine or travelling to the Northwest section of the map, via Harbinger’s Seclude.

Make your way through the city, jump through the elevator shaft and once you land, turn right and go down the hall and through the portal.

Once you’re done, follow the corridors to The Confluence. One of the doors will be a giant portal. As you approach the portal, you will see the Shattered Throne quest marker, which reads: “Fight back the curse that plagues the City of Dreams.”

You will then be transported to the throne world of Mara Sov and a Triumph called A Hidden Death will appear. You have now entered the first dungeon of Destiny 2.

The first section of the dungeon is linear, and you will be jumping from platform to platform. Keep going until you meet the first group of enemies in the Erebus labyrinth, where you will fight a bunch of additions and a Labyrinth Architect.

A symbol will appear, in our video, it was of an eagle, and it is unclear if a different icon will appear each time. The symbol effectively represents where you need to go next, so head over to where the eagle is and fight the next Architect.

It might seem confusing at first, but essentially what you’re doing is exploring the maze by going to each icon location, as it spawns after killing a group of enemies, so there is a minimal amount of hand to get through.

The icons are usually mounted on the wall in a large circle, so you know if you are in the correct area. Rinse and repeat this several times until the final symbol appears and you return to the main room for the first time. The floor will open up and take you to the next area.

You will get loot at this point, which will normally be a powerful item of equipment. The descent will then go down and it’s pretty linear with some enemies. But what you want to do is follow the path down and go up the stairs.

Then, you will cross a walkway and there will be some Hobgoblins trying to attack you, so use the cover. Once you hit a dead end, go up the stairs to the left and you will find a room with some narrow beams.

The next part is a bit tricky, so send a person on the first beam to lure the Ogres, then go back to the platform to quickly take them down. You simply need to get to the end, but there will be some Taken orbs blocking certain routes, so take your time.

You are looking for a large door with a black field on it. Go through this and you’ll get the Slow Debuff, which means you can’t jump twice. Move around the area as fast as you can, taking care of the enemies taken. Jump across the field to the other side and cross the chasm ahead.

Again this next section is pretty linear so watch out for spawning enemies and keep going until you find the first boss in Eleusinia. It is a giant ogre that will be in the middle of a room surrounded by four plates. There will also be some wizards called the Petition Keepers.

destiny 2 forsaken

When you kill them, they drop an orb which, if you choose, you will get a buff called Petitioner’s Mark that has a timer next to it. Once the timer reaches zero, everyone will die. The buff can be stacked and picking up a new orb resets the timer. Once you’ve collected the fourth orb, the buff will change to Requester’s Charge. You can then go to one of the four plates, throw the orb and that will bring down the Ogre’s shields.

You will have to do this process several times with various phases of damage. If your power level is below 570, we recommend taking care of all enemies except mages, as you will not be at the mercy of the timer. Just start taking out the wizards once all other enemies are down. This is not a raid boss so there is no Enraged mechanic so outside of the timers you can take this fight as slow as you like.

Once the Ogre has been defeated, you will move to a room where you can make an offer before moving on to the final boss. There are some elevators to go up and it is a direct path to the top.

A new objective will appear, which is to face Dȗl Incaru, the eternal return and Ba-Kuur, Fate of Incaru. Here’s a mechanic from Shield at work. Killing the taken knights will see them drop an orb, finite thought. You can only deal damage to the boss when you have this buff that is on a timer. If time runs out, you die, so to remove the buff you can jump onto the pedestal in the middle of the room when it glows blue.

Over time, Knights will gain immune shields. There will be a large crystal spawning behind the magician that you can shoot to remove their shields. A new wave of additions will appear, so be prepared. Once the announcements have been defeated, focus on the Knights and the boss again.

Warlocks should use their Well of Radiance here, as well as any party member who has a powerful shotgun to deal close range damage while in the Well, as well as a good sniper rifle.

Once the boss is defeated, you will be rewarded with powerful gear, seemingly above the 570 Power mark. If you really like our guide and want to read more like this visit our site.


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