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Dark Souls Tips That Help You Survive

Dark Souls Tips

The dark souls are back and they are better than ever. The 2011 video game that changed an industry and spawned two sequels is back this month as Dark Souls: Dark Souls: Remastered with gorgeous graphics and superior performance.

Veteran players know what to expect, but when you’re just getting started, the complexity of the game is part of the fun. You fight, you die, and you have to start over several times. But it’s all worth it when you finally get past these tough foes without damage.

When you first play through Dark Souls, you will need all the help possible. Dark souls tips you need to know to have a shot, whether you’re playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, or Steam.

1. know your class

dark souls tips and tricks

When you start a new game, you must choose a class for your character. There are 10 to choose from, and each one has its own starter kit and stats. The game contains eight attributes that start at different levels depending on the class you choose: Vitality, Tuning, Stamina, Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, and Faith. Each attribute controls a different aspect of your character’s abilities.

Review the different classes and write down the properties of each class. Classes like Warrior, Knight, and Bandit provide strength, stamina, and vitality, making them ideal for close combat. If you are looking for an agile character in battle, Vagabonds and Thieves are a good choice.

Do you want to attack from a distance? Magicians use magic and depend on great intelligence and empathy. Hunters can attack from a distance with a bow. A pyromancer offers both ranged and melee attack power, while clerics are very devoted and can therefore use healing magic. If you choose the Dispense option, you will get a balanced character but without significant equipment, which makes this option a challenge for experienced players.

Would you rather go headlong into battle? Do you want to attack with ranged weapons? Do you like a balanced approach, or do you prefer to keep light on your feet? There is no wrong choice, because it really depends on what skills you prefer and how you want to play the game.

2. how to level your character

level up character in dark soul

Once you start playing the game, the only way to give your character a fighting chance is to take him to a higher level, and the only way to do that is to keep fighting. When you defeat enemies in Dark Souls, you collect souls from their bodies, which you can use to level up or buy new weapons and armor. You can also level up around the campfires and award points to the attributes you want to improve. But without upgrading, you are too weak for your new weapons and armor to be worth much.

We also advise you to reflect on your strengths at an early stage. This means that if your class is a knight of great strength and vitality, you must first increase these attributes to make your character more effective. If you are too balanced, you will just be just as bad at everything. Worry about balance as soon as you are strong enough to maintain it.

Neither will you monopolize your souls; it is better to use and improve them than to risk losing them when you die. After your death you have a chance to get back what you lost in battle. If they manage to return to the place where they fell, their souls will be waiting for them. If you die before that, they will be lost forever.

3. manage your humanity

manage humanity in dark souls

An essential but massively misunderstood concept in Dark Souls is that of humanity. You must maintain your state of humanity by gathering humanity and transforming it around campfires to strengthen your defenses and give yourself a better chance of finding items.

Since dying is such an important part of the game, when you die and return to your last save point, you will return as a zombie-like creature known as the Void. By collecting humanity and then reverse cupping around a campfire, you will revert to your human form and enjoy all the joys of being human. You will have the ability to light bonfires, and your status will also improve your position in certain alliances that you have made.

Humanity also plays a role in the online abilities of the game. Humans can summon other players into their world to help them fight enemies, while Hollows are in danger of being invaded and attacked by other players. They can gain humanity by defeating enemies and bosses, simply by encountering them in the world, by being summoned by other players, or by defeating invaders.

4. know the basics of the fight

darks souls fight tips

Unlike other open world adventure games, where you can hack and fight your way to victory, Dark Souls requires a lot more finesse. Essentially, you have to pay attention to how your enemies attack you and then react when they give you certain clues. At certain times in their attacks, these enemies will be vulnerable to attack, and that’s when you should attack. The same general strategy applies to bosses. Don’t be scared, and you will be fine.

To have the best chance of winning, you should set up individual combat scenarios as often as possible. Taking part in battles with more than one enemy at a time is a good way to quickly get overwhelmed. The best way to ensure these scenarios are successful is to use the game’s objective system to attack an enemy and then lure them into an isolated area if possible.

One of the most important things to control in combat is stamina. Every time you attack, block, roll, run, retreat, or take damage, your stamina bar is depleted. Although it fills up, it limits the number of attacks you can make in quick succession, so you can’t keep your shield open all the time. Instead, you must program your decisions and make financial decisions with your movements to find the best way to win.

The game offers different types of attacks that require different levels of stamina. You also need to consider whether an attack makes you vulnerable to a counterattack or not, and whether that move is worth the risk. The worst thing you can do is rely too heavily on your sword or shield and lack stamina in the middle of battle. This keeps you open to attack, and things can change quickly.

But in the end, it’s okay to run for your life if you find yourself in too difficult a situation. If you are struggling to stay alive, you may not be strong enough to survive this part of the game. Retreat, heal, replenish stamina, and regroup. Better to be safe than to end up dead.

5. upgrade weapons and armor

dark souls armour

When deciding which attributes you want to upgrade, you should also consider which bonuses your weapons receive from the stat bonus. By upgrading attributes, you also have the opportunity to equip certain weapons with new abilities to make them more effective.

The Dark Souls weapon scale is graduated from S, A, B, C, D, E, from the strongest weapons to the weakest. Strength and dexterity can increase a weapon’s physical damage, while intelligence and faith increase magic damage. While this shouldn’t be the first thing to consider when assigning attribute points, it is something to think about when everything else is equal.

You also have the possibility to upgrade your weapons, shields and armor in the forges using Titanite. Other items can be used to upgrade weapons, dramatically improving effectiveness, dealing elemental damage, and can introduce auxiliary effects. There are many different ascension paths a weapon can be assigned to, each adding its own powers, including Standard, Crude, Divine, Occult, Fire, Chaos, Magic, Enchanted, Lightning, Crystal, and Demon.

It is a good idea to be aware of what kind of upgrades can be made to certain weapons. Such adjustments can turn the tide of battle or turn a long dry spell into a sprint.

6. manage your inventory

dark souls inventory

Dark Souls allows you to equip your character with many different weapons, shields, armor, and rings, but the game has its limitations. But if your equipment is too heavy, it can get in the way of certain actions. Keep your team load below 25 to move faster and keep running. Movements are slowed between 25 and 100; once you get past 100, you can’t dodge or roll, and being able to move is an important part of Dark Souls.

Note that this only applies to items that can be equipped, which means that other items you find on your travels do not violate your total amount of equipment. This means that it is never a good idea to throw anything away. Even if you don’t use something in your inventory, you can afford to keep it until you find a dealer to sell it to. You will also find ways to store unused items.

7. Beware of the NPCs

dark souls npc

There are many non-playable characters scattered throughout the game, and each of them has value to you for one reason or another. NPCs can be merchants who can buy and sell items, or blacksmiths who can upgrade or repair your weapons. Sometimes they can provide valuable information or allow you to make a pact that gives you new powers and abilities.

The funny thing about Dark Souls is that not everyone in the game is easily accessible. Some NPCs are hiding in areas you didn’t know existed and are easy to miss. It is always a good idea to fully explore your surroundings.

And while NPCs can be useful to you, not all of them can be trusted. The trick is to figure out which ones are which before they hurt you. These characters can also be killed, so consider whether or not you want to eliminate them. Killing a merchant will take away your ability to trade with them, but you may also discover that they are in possession of previously unavailable weapons. The choice is yours.

8. Use bonfires frequently

dark soul game

You will die in Dark Souls, but the trick is to learn from your mistakes to get ahead in the game. That is why it is a good idea to rest around as many fire pits as possible. When you die, you will be taken back to the last campfire you rested on, so make sure it isn’t too long ago.

Campfires can also be considered as something of a base in this game. They are not necessarily safe areas, but the bonfires are the only places where you can climb, fill bottles, hone your spells, and reverse the ravine. There are many secret campfires hidden all over the world, so be sure to explore as much as possible. It could save you a lot of pain later.

If you’re worried about getting stuck in an area without a fire, keep the “homey” article with you. This way you can go back to the last place you rested, a valuable little lifeline if you are ever in danger of dying.

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