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2021 Latest Counter Strike Pc Cheats

Counter strike pc cheats

The following are the list of 2021 Latest Counter Strike Pc Cheats. To activate the code press the (~) button on the keyboard, then type the following codes:

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Counter Strike Pc Cheats

  •     Arctic sniper rifle: givespaceweapon_awp
  •     Auto-aim with sniper rifle: sv_aim
  •     Faster backwards motion: cl_backspeed 999
  •     Faster side motion: cl_sidespeed 999
  •     Adjust gravity: sv_gravity (-999 – 999999)
  •     See and fire through walls and objects: gl_zmax (0-9999)
  •     View other players’ frags: cl_hidefrags 0
  •     Faster forward motion: cl_forwardspeed 999
  •     Level select: changelevel
  •     Weapon select: give

These are the counter strike pc cheats which are used for weapons.

  •     AK-47: weapon_ak47
  •     Benneli xm1014: weapon_xm1014
  •     C4: weapon_c4
  •     Colt M4a1 carbine: weapon_m4a1
  •     Commando: weapon_sg552counter strike cheats and codes
  •     Desert eagle: weapon_deagle
  •     Fn P90: weapon_p90
  •     Glock 18 pistol: weapon_glock18
  •     HE grenade: weapon_hegrenade
  •     M3 super shotgun: weapon_m3
  •     MAC-10: weapon_mac 10
  •     MP5: weapon_mp5navy
  •     Para: weapon_m249
  •     Scout: weapon_scout
  •     SIG p228: weapon_p228
  •     Steyr Aug: weapon_aug
  •     Usp. 45 pistol: weapon_usp

Other Cheats for Counter Strike 1.6

  •     Auto-reload enabled: + reload
  •     Auto-reload disabled: -reload
  •     Change skins: skin

Counter strike pc cheats for skin

Use the “skin names” for the code “skins”:

  •  Arabic: arabic
  • Arctic: arctic
  • GSG9: gsg9
  • Guerrilla: guerrilla
  •  Hostage: hostage
  • SAS: sas
  • SEAL: seal
  •  Terrorist: terror
  • VIP: vip
  •     See things brightly without flashlight: lambert -1.0001
  •     SetC4 timer: mp_c4timer (-1000-1000)
  •     Hyper auto-aim enabled: sv_clienttrace 999999999
  •     Hyper auto-aim disabled: sv_clienttrace 1
  •     Get $ 16,000: impulse101
  •     Splatter bones and body tissue: impulse102 (or impulse202)
  •     Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable (default is 6): mp_freezetime (#)
  •     Set maximum length in minutes a round can last (default is 5): mp_roundtime (3-15)
  •     Toggle auto-help hint messages (default is 1): ah (0)
  •     Toggle crosshairs in observer mode (default is 1): cl_observercrosshair (0)
  •     Toggle flashlight use (default is 1): mp_flashlight (0)
  •     Toggle footsteps (default is 1): mp_footsteps (0)
  •     Whiten all surroundings at 800 × 600 resolution: r_lightmap 1
  •     Turn off textures: gl_picmic 3

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All Counter Strike PC Cheats

How to download Counter Strike

Counter-Strike 1.6 is available on PC as a freeware product that can be used unrestricted by anyone who has purchased Half-Life. In this mode, the game comes with all standard maps, modes of play, weapons, character skins, and more. The game is optimized for all modern versions of Windows (ranging from XP to the newest Windows 10) and can be played on PC configurations with really modest hardware resources. Click on the link below for downloading.


How to play Counter Strike

Counter-Strike is the most played online team shooter game in history for good reason: after more than a decade of life, it is still the best, the most fun, the one with the best scenarios, and where the players can best demonstrate your mouse skills.

For the more clueless, Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter in which two teams will have to face each other to achieve a certain objective. These two teams will be terrorists and anti-terrorists, who must fight each other to plant and deactivate bombs respectively, or rescue and hold hostages.

Before each round the players of each team will have a few seconds to buy equipment. They will be able to choose different weapons, bulletproof vests, grenades and even explosives disposal equipment, which they will have to buy with the money obtained in previous rounds.

This particular version of the game, released by WarZone, includes all the mythical settings of the game, such as CS_Assault, DE_Dust, CS_Mansion, DE_Aztec and many more. Plus, it’s under 300 megabytes in size and you don’t need absolutely anything else to play – just install and go.

As is usual with Counter-Strike (although not so common in other modern games), we can enjoy online games through the Internet or through a local network (LAN). For this type of game we can make use of other applications, such as the excellent Hamachi.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is, despite the number of years that have passed since its launch, one of the best first-person action video games that we can find. Alone, playing against ‘bots’, it can get boring; but the moment we get into a game with friends or through the Internet, we will know what real fun is.

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