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Best games in the Call of Duty – Top 10 series

Top 10 call of duty games

Today we review the best games in the Call of Duty saga, one of the most successful of all time. From Modern Warfare to Black Ops, the most futuristic or classic CDs.

The Call of Duty saga has been with us for many years, although it was in 2007, with the momentum of Modern Warfare, that it became a real mass phenomenon. Modern warfare changed many things, starting with the show’s approach, and made the benchmark for action games become in your hands. Success based on millions of sales for each delivery, even the least attractive, speaks for itself. Call of Duty transformed the way you understand first-person shooters, for better and worse. Many tried to copy, many changed their formula to adapt to the new times. But it’s still Activision’s series that dominates the market in question. With such a ability to surprise that he has even dared with other lands where he is not doing anything wrong either.

The numbers in the series are overwhelming. If you look at the data of Statista, we realize that the saga has accumulated at the end of 2019, therefore without counting how well Modern Warfare (2019) is going, more than 250 million units sold… Only with his Top 10 game. Black Ops, from 2010, is the best-selling in the series with nearly 31 million copies, followed by Modern Warfare 3,also surpassing 30 million, and ahead of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts, both above 28 million. The top 10 is closed by World at War with 17.66 million, a brutality that sounds small looking at the rest.

Considering that Modern Warfare (2019) became the best-released game in its first weekend of the saga, the most played of this generation of consoles and the best-selling in its first quarter of the history of the saga, it is clear that the numbers we have contributed are yet to be redefined. Meanwhile, the success of Call of Duty Mobile is beyond doubt, with millions of players active. And Warzone, Activision’s Battle Royale bet, has arrived to stay in territory that Fortnite dominates with an iron hand but sees competitors coming. Call of Duty is synonymous with success for many reasons.
Call Of Duty
In the field of the solo campaign, the big change came with the staging. The cinematic proposal, spectacular and full of cliffhanger moments, was imposed on the search for objectives and variety of missions. Being in a COD campaign is to be inside a film, with a very attractive and powerful aesthetic when it comes to conflict recreation. In multiplayer, the intensity of combat coupled with the sense of constant reward – based on icons, pop-ups and experience points we gain – coupled with the dynamism of casualty streaks and powerful attacks or the advantages and customization caused Call of Duty to renew the gaming experience into an FPS to possibly turn the blockbuster by antonomasia during the past generation. A formula that has been refined and revised, but that keeps those virtues untouchable more than 13 years later.

Ten best games in the Call Of Duty are listed below:

10. Call of Duty (PC, XBLA, PSN)

Call of Duty, the start of it all. The game, first appeared on PC, is far from the FPS we know today with the modern saga, but it came as a spiritual successor to one of the series that dominated the genre at the time, Medal of Honor. The title allowed us to enjoy a campaign from different points of view, such as the Americans with the invasion of Normandy as a claim; or from the English where an old acquaintance, Captain Price, already appeared. The Battle of Stalingrad with the Soviet campaign in between was another highlight as we visited the most important battles of World War II. Its mission development, the presence of real elements of war and staging made it a very note-taking game and the beginning of a historical saga.

Call Of Duty PC

9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Infinite Warfare came out four years ago with a chapter that followed in the wake of the present generation: no more nor less than bringing an increasingly futuristic touch to the saga. In this case, the Infinity Ward game was strongly committed to an interesting campaign with Kit Harrington as a featured actor in which we had many elements not usual in the saga: side missions, several chapters to follow and even space battles of a great finish and tools of all kinds that went beyond the shots. More varied and expanding than usual, the campaign was accompanied by a multiplayer brand of the house without as much verticality as its predecessor Black Ops 3, with more labyrinthine maps and with the presence of specialists to customize the experience. The icing came with the Zombies in Space land, one of the most entertaining installments in co-op mode.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare


8. Call of Duty – World War 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

A year after Infinite Warfare, coming from Black Ops 3 and the release of the generation with Advanced Warfare, the Call of Duty series decided to return to its origins with World War 2, a installment that looked to World War II, that which was abandoned after 2007, and that did so with the show’s current hallmarks. The good narrative rhythm stood out in situations already well known in the saga, in addition to the overuse of some playable mechanics. For its part, the multiplayer was again very horizontal and well-set, with the usual modes but even too frantic for the setting of the time. Without missing its quote the streaks of points or perks and class systems, it was not a multiplayer as outstanding as others that opted for new and interesting elements such as War mode. Sledgehammer also had a hidden pillar called for success: The Nazi Zombies mode.

Call Of Duty WW2


7. Call of Duty – World at War (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Treyarch was the company in charge of launching, a year after the bombing of Modern Warfare, a proposal that was still sailing halfway between the old guard of the saga and the new world that came. Back to World War II, with a lot of battle against the Japanese and a co-op that hasn’t been as common in the series, and a multiplayer player who drank too much of what we saw just a year earlier, so the progress or staging was so appealing. The Nazi Zombies, however, premiered with such enormous success that it made this co-op one of the most outstanding own brands in the saga ever since. Its success is what makes it where it is years later in our memory.

Call Of Duty World At War


6. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Four years after Modern Warfare came the third and until the final moment the series on the Modern War released in 2007. Modern Warfare 3 meant the arrival of the third world war in terms of campaigning, passing through areas such as London, Paris, Hamburg or the Middle East, in a classic persecution of the Russians, the bad guys of the film. Intense and without leaving a moment for rest, maybe it’s not as shocking as the previous two, but he kept the guy. Multiplayer has remained in the imagination as one of the most complete in the series, with a new experience system for weapons, a greater number of them, new perks and streaks and elements to make life easier at least skillful, such as the Impetuous Advantage. The Specs Ops arrived, full of co-op content but probably not as bright as the Zombies mode, and the saga took the trilogy closed. Until forever? We know you don’t.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare


5.- Call of Duty 2 (PC, Xbox 360)

We enter the top 5 and do it with a classic between classics: Call of Duty 2, the Activision and Infinity Ward game that was like the last one before the revolution. Again, as in the first installment, we were at the helm of different campaigns: Soviet in the defense of Moscow, British with our advances in areas such as North Africa; American with classic missions, as in Normandy. With a frenetic pace and all very concentrated, already sacrificing realism and embracing relevant design changes, such as the absence of kits. Multiplayer allowed up to 64 players on PC at a time, something we haven’t seen in the saga until we went into the latest installments and their bet on Battle Royale.


4.- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The last installment of the saga, which appeared last October, returned to the Theme of Modern Warfare as a reinterpretation of that Modern Warfare 12 years earlier. A short, intense but raw campaign full of moments for remembrance as we find ourselves in the middle of conflict in the Middle East. The presence of morally complex situations, the death of innocents with children through and the variety of sites fulfilled their task: to satisfy you for a few hours. Meanwhile, a disruptive multiplayer with larger maps, with unfortunately the presence of excess snipers in many cases that can tarnish the experience on various maps. However, it has been expanding with the news and content that have been coming out these months; and with successes like Shooting, a wonderful two-on-two. All this with a proper control and rhythm, something different but familiar. Operations are far from the glory days of zombie mode, that’s for sure. And among all this, a Warzone – available for free and standalone – that completes a proposal more varied than ever and called to be remembered in the future.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare 2019


3.- Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC, PS4, Xbox 360)

And we made it to the top 3 with Call of Duty Black Ops. The best-selling in the history of the saga is part of the Olympus of best games. No, it wasn’t another Call of Duty. But Treyarch’s great leap in quality, with a very interesting campaign, with a solid plot where scenes like Apocalypse Now come to mind. Lies, revenge or hate channel a campaign that starts as we try to hunt down Fidel Castro, with elements that brought variety and new actions to be carried out. But it was the multiplayer that took the palm. Modes such as the weapon game, betting, the original sticks and stones and everything with the development system and presence of improvements, advantages and streaks made the 14 maps available at the beginning known to us little. We wanted more. Zombie mode became the absolute king and a must-have, and Dead Ops Arcade was another curious addition. One of the most complete in the saga, without a doubt.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops


2.- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox 360)

We arrived at Modern Warfare 2, podium in second place as one of the best in the saga and also of the genre. The title followed in the wake of the first installment campaign, but with certain moments that are cruder and even controversial. A campaign that recently returned as a remaster and continues to impact both specific moments and certain missions, such as infiltration into the Russian barracks in the midst of freezing Siberia, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro or the defense of Burger Town. But in addition, Modern Warfare 2 was a great leap with, for some, the best maps in the series, weighty novelties in the advantages, in the customization of the streaks, in details such as double weapons, emblems and the impressive range of weapons. It’s like a hype vitaminized and unversed version of what we live in in 2007, and that brings, above all, fun. Yes, with Specs Ops that wouldn’t be zombie mode, but they also held the type.

COD Modern Warfare 2


1.- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PC, PS4 and Xbox 360)

And we reached the top 1, the most voted between drafting and Meristation collaborators. Modern Warfare. The game that changed everything in 2007 and is embodied as the best installment in the saga for Meristation. It’s not for nothing. It was a real revolution. His intense, scripted campaign with momentful moments and changes of location was a slender, and for memory there are indelible missions such as our walk through Chernobyl, that of blood brothers defending Price and helping MacTavish or the battle of Aftermath with the nuclear explosion ripping it all away. Multiplayer is still an example of fun, balance and surprise. Your bonuses, streaks, perks, gaining experience and unlocking new weapons and extras… A formula called for resounding success accompanied by beautifully designed maps and a relentless pace. A game that was a turning point and that today we raised at the top of our list as best Call of Duty.

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