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Are You A Sensual Person | What Is Sensuality 2022

are you a sensual person

How to know whether you are sensual or not

Many people limit themselves to a narrow definition of sensuality, which is the same as sex, so it only involves matters of technique and genital intercourse.

In fact, according to Anne Hooper, sexual and marriage therapist of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists and author of Guide to Good Sex, “A good lover is one who enjoys all five (sense) sensations such as taste, smell, sight, touch , and sound. ” It is said that a person’s sensuality is determined by how well he can accept himself, not by clothes or body shape. The center is in mind. According to him, sexy is what we feel.

t is said that a person’s sensuality is determined by how well he can accept himself, not by clothes or body shape. The center is in mind. According to him, sexy is what we feel.


Below Anne Hooper gives a quiz that can test how far your sensuality is. The message by answering this quiz question, hopefully, it can arouse your sexuality sensation even more broadly

1. Your partner is ready to have sex. What you do:

a. Prepares immediately around the bed, with candles or perfumes stimulating.

b. Get rid of things made of feathers on the floor.

c. Read erotic stories aloud.

2. While sleeping with your partner, you:

a. Close to each other or close to each other all night.

b. Lie down, holding hands.

c. It’s hard to relax, even if your partner sleeps next to you.

3. Above your bed, there is always…

a. Delicate items made of silk or other materials and large pillows.

b. Items made of cotton.

c. Books.

4. Your partner is striking your body. How do you feel:

a. There is an electric vibration that makes you drunk to the knees.

b. Something is moving in your body.

c. A touch of friendship.

5. Your partner is known as a man who is dashing and handsome or a woman who is beautiful and sexy.

When in public, you do:

a. Avoid always touching each other.

b. Secretly, never let him out of your sight.

c. Touch it while continuing to talk to your friend.

eating chocolate sensually

6. Your partner looks frantic and stressed. What you do:

a. Massaging her body with lotion for comfort.

b. Suggest taking a walk outside to calm down.

c. Ask him what he’s been up to all day.

7. When it’s time for you and your partner to take a vacation, choose

a. A week on the Caribbean Coast and a night in a luxury resort.

b. Doing a spa with massages and body treatments.

c. Engage in energetic activities such as swimming or horseback riding.

8. You have to get up early and do household activities. What you do:

a. Cover and let your partner stay in bed.

b. Rub your partner’s body and wake him up for sex.

c. Promise yourself to take a nap instead of getting up too early.

9. While kissing does your partner:

a. Sending signs that excite you.

b. Feeling there is something like jelly in your mouth.

c. Feel it as part of your experience.

10. When you have sex, do you always follow it up with a kiss? If so, you:

a. Thinking the relationship will always get closer and closer.

b. Sometimes, I feel like it’s the right time.

c. No, I don’t kiss him all the time. When he does it, I see it as an act of distraction before I have an orgasm.

** If most answers are “a”:

Congratulations! You are indeed a sensual person. This indicates that you are very responsive to things that can evoke a sexual reaction, always passionate, and good at influencing your partner to have sex. Physically this is perfectly normal, and you’re already aware of the part of you that excites your partner. However, be careful; not everyone likes it if it is too much. Especially if you and your partner show it in public, well, in addition to your partner may not like it, you also face the risk of being arrested if the Anti-Pornography and Pornoaction Law has been enacted.

** If most answers are “b”:

You are also quite sensual. Even so, you think a warm sexual relationship should be expressed in a private place.

** If most answers are “c”:

You truly enjoy the sensation of having sex, but you only seem to enjoy it. Sensuality isn’t everything to you, so it’s a little hard to get your attention off things like that.

If the most answers “c” could be your partner is not a sensual person either. If this is the case, you and your partner should try many things, such as massage, touching certain body parts, and others that can arouse your passion.

If you’ve tried, the satisfaction will be as good as you do any other activity. However, if your partner is sensual, you must be sure to enjoy it because your partner deserves the best from you. Rest assured, true sensuality is like you enjoy eating and drinking

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