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10 Fun Anti Mainstream Games You Must Try

Periodically, we may get bored with various video games that are currently mainstream. Every now and then maybe we want to try a game that is arguably more helpful like GTA V but still provides a playing experience that is no less enjoyable.

Trying to answer that wish, here is a list of anti mainstream games that you should try at least once in your life.

1. Sunless Sea / Sunless Skies

10 fun anti mainstream games

Developer: Failbetter Games
Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch

Capturing a ship and exploring the dark sea without the sun is the main premise of the Sunless Sea game. Even though it sounds simple, this game will test your ability to manage resources, such as fuel and supplies while at sea, even your sanity and your ship crew. Also present are RPG elements such as determining your final destination, submitting to the law or taking illegal actions, trading from port to port, to passing on your legacy to others if your character dies or retires.

You can also try the Sunless Skies game which basically turns into space exploration.

2. Into The Breach

in to the beach

Developer: Games Subset
Platform: PC | Switch

Into The Breach carries a turn-based strategy game where every step or action you take is very meaningful. Piloting a mecha might trigger your tendency to fight barbarians. But careful planning is actually the best tactic to fight aliens who try to invade the earth in this game. And like Roguelike games in general, failing to defeat the enemy you face makes you have to repeat the game from the beginning.

3. Project Highrise

Project Highrise

Developer: SomaSim
Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch

Project Highrise offers a game premise where you will become the owner of a building. Not only building and expanding buildings, you are also responsible for managing the welfare of the building and its tenants. You can make the building like a mall full of shopping shops and restaurants, an office style full of work spaces, a hotel style full of rooms and refreshing places , or even all three at once.

4. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Developer: Greenheart Games
Platform: PC | Switch | iOS | Android

Have dreams of making video games but don’t have the supporting skills? Game Dev Tycoon might be able to fulfill that desire for a while. In this simulation game, you will start a career starting from small game developers to world-class companies. You will determine the genre of the game to be made, the engine to be used, the platform to which you are going, and even build your own console. Do not miss you will also recruit people who will help you release games with perfect scores.

5. Project Hospital

Project Hospital

Developer: Oxymoron Games
Platform: PC

If you are challenged by macro and micro-management, then Project Hospital is one of the right games. Apart from building and designing, you are also in charge of managing each doctor and other staff so that the hospital operations and business run smoothly. Not only that, periodically you will also intervene in handling patients who come; diagnose and determine the most appropriate treatment for them.

6. Frostpunk

best games

Developer: 11 Bit Studios
Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox One

If the premise of building a city is easy for you, then Frostpunk will test how wise you are in leading and managing people’s welfare in the midst of a blizzard that has left most of the world paralyzed. Periodically you will be faced with various crucial choices even though you have to sacrifice a party for the survival of your citizens.

7. The Tenants

Developer: Ancient Forge Studio
Platform: PC

If The Sims feels boring to you, maybe The Tenants can be an alternative. Even though it has less detailed home or room design elements like The Sims, this game places you more as a property agent whose job is to be a medium between the owner and prospective tenants. You will find requests ranging from designing the room to finding a tenant if you match the criteria of the property owner.

8. Endzone – A World Apart

fun game

Developer: Gentlymad Studios
Platform: PC

If a game like building a city like Cities Skylines feels so confusing, Endzone can be an alternative for those of you who like city ​​building games but are relaxed and not in a hurry. The premise offered in this game is that you and your group try to survive by building a community or small town in a post- nuclear apocalypse world . Apart from managing resources, of course you will face various challenges such as drought, storms and of course the remaining nuclear waste.

9. This War of Mine

anti main stream game

Developer: 11 Bit Studios
Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | iOS | Android

This War of Mine tries to present a sentiment whether we as ordinary citizens can survive in the midst of war or the ongoing chaos. In addition to testing your ability to manage resources so that your group is sufficient every day, this game also tests your morale, are you willing to do anything to stay alive one more day? Even if it killed other residents who were also struggling to survive?

10. VA-11 Hall-A


Developer: Sukeban Games
Platform: PC | PS4 | Switch

In fact, it is a game that can be played casually. It is definitely suitable for those of you who enjoy visual novel games . Cyberpunk-ish visuals and // aesthetic // music, as well as stories that are somehow relevant to our daily lives, certainly make this bartender simulation game one of the best indie games in the past decade.

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