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All Visitor Recording Fortnite Locations

Visitor Recording Location Fortnite

Visitor Recording Fortnite

Fortnite’s Out of Time (AKA beyond regular time) demanding situations are here. The most important one has you going for walks around the map to discover an entire bunch of recordings left with the aid of none apart from the visitors, the time-traveling man answerable for most of the Season 10 map rift zones and map adjustments.

Collecting the visitor Fortnite Recording will net you some high-quality rewards, so allow us to assist you in locating them as speedy as viable. Once you’ve found them all, unlock the secret white Scientist skin(If you don’t know how to unlock it in this article, we will tell you at the end).

Visitor Recording Location: Gotham City

gotham city

Go to the Monarch Theater in Gotham City. You’ll find the Visitor Recording in the street outside the theater’s main entrance.

Visitor Recording Location: Moisty Palms

Moisty palms

Go up on top of the hotel (the tallest building in town), and you’ll find the Visitor Recording lying on the brick divider on the hotel’s roof.

Visitor Recording Location: Greasy Grove

greasy grove

Over at Greasy Grove, go ahead inside the taco restaurant. Near the bathrooms in the back right, you’ll find the Visitor Recording sitting on a booth table.

Visitor Recording Location: Floating Island

floating island

One tape is located at the floating island, which moves across the map, but continues to be smooth and sufficient to identify from a distance. Get yourself to the island, and search for a pickup truck after a car and building. The visitor recording is positioned within the pickup truck’s bed.

Visitor Recording Location: Retail Row

visitor location retail row

At Retail Row, go inside the bookstore and up to the second floor. The Visitor Recording is on the ground in front of a stand and near a window.

Visitor Recording Fortnite Location: Starry Suburbs

starry suburbs fortnite location

The newest location in Fortnite (for now, anyway), the Starry Suburbs Visitor Recording, is inside the red brick building, up a few floors. You’ll find it lying on a bed.

Get the White Scientist Style

In case you’ve got the Scientist skin earned by finishing the Meteoric upward thrust challenges, it is viable to get a unique style for it after gathering all six visitor Tapes. Equip the skin and pass within the visitor’s Lair at Dusty Depot marked on the map below.

fortnite white scientist

As soon as you go inside, head to the back, and you’ll see this console. Interact with it, and your Scientist will turn white. After that, the Scientist (white) skin style is yours to keep.


Those tasks account for three of the 12 total Out of Time demanding situations, and each one can be beneficial for gaining more significant XP to shut out your Season 10 battle. The overall listing of Out of Time demanding situations is beneath.

Fortnite Out of Time Challenges

  • Complete Out of Time Challenges (one)
  • Collect the Visitor recording on the Retail Row and Floating Island¬† (one)
  • Collect the Visitor recording on the¬†Greasy Grove and Moisty Palms(one)
  • Collect the Visitor recording on the Gotham City and Starry Suburbs(one)
  • Complete Out of Time Challenges (three)
  • Complete Out of Time Challenges (five)
  • Search chests (25)
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 47 (47)
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 70 (70)
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 87 (87)
  • Outlast opponents (250)
  • Deal damage to opponents (2,500)

These challenges will be available at the season’s end, giving the players a reasonable amount of time to complete them. But we’d advise against procrastinating too much.

If you need some help with any Fortnite content, tell us in the comments so we can update that content, Thanks.

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