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6 Names Of Black Stones And Their Characteristics

names of black stones

All kinds of gemstones can be found in nature. Among them, the black stones stand out, probably the strangest to find in the natural environment. And it is that in nature it is not very common to find black gemstones because they originate in very restricted and rare areas in the crust of the planet.

Despite the strangeness of their finding, the black stones have particular characteristics. The style, modernity, authority, formality and strength of these stones are incomparable with the rest, in addition to the natural sobriety that the colour black always imposes. To discover the main names of black stones and their characteristics, we recommend that you continue reading this OneHOWTO article.

Black Aventurine (Black stone)

black aventurine

Black Aventurine is considered to be one of the most striking and elegant gemstones found in the gem market. It is a variety of silica and quartz that presents a somewhat strange phenomenon: that of aventurescence . Black aventurine is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates. It is characterized by containing a very striking shimmering shine due to the phenomenon of aventurescence, that is, it causes the stone to have a kind of shiny black frost that reflects light from different angles.

This stone is made up of almost 100% silica plus quartz and titanium impurities since it contains ilmenite. It symbolizes detoxification of the spirit and mind and protection. It is related to knowledge. On a social level, it is a symbol of sophistication, elegance, prestige and power.

The Black Jasper

the black jasper

Black jasper is one of the most fascinating jasper stone varieties for lovers of luxury. It is highly sought after by collectors and is considered a mineral belonging to the family of micro-crystalline quartz. For this reason, it is categorized as a variety of chalcedony stones.

The most outstanding characteristic of black jasper is its shiny black colour, with opaque transparency that differentiates it from its counterpart, black agate since it is semi-transparent. It is a rare variety of the jasper group of stones considering that the most common jaspers are red, green and yellow. Black jasper is found in extensive sedimentary basins in Russia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela, Egypt, Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the United States.

It represents a strong connection between the person who has the stone and the land itself, serving to enhance the positive energies of the environment, eradicate negative vibrations and maintain both motivation and physical, emotional and mental production.

The Tectite

the tectite

It is a unique natural crystal, which is amorphous and with a somewhat rounded shape on the edges. It has a non-volcanic origin and is considered a mineraloid belonging to the group of silicates. It contains a high percentage of silicon and there is a considerable variety of tektites depending on weight, size, age and colour.

Generally, it is a black stone and is associated with astral planes outside the Earth. For example, it is believed that it facilitates communication with other worlds and galaxies, in addition to strengthening spiritual growth towards dimensional spaces.

Because of its universal connection, tektite is used to interpret dreams, connections to the past, and cognitive abilities. This mineral helps guide the spirit in the right direction and is considered a talisman for fertility, as well as a balance between masculine and feminine energies.

The Jet Stone

the jet stone

Jet stone, also known as jet black, is the most popular black stone in the world. In Ancient Rome it was already used as a protection stone against wild animals and enemies, so it has been a very interesting amulet for centuries.

It is considered a rock belonging to organic gemstones because it comes from organic material buried and converted into coal-like rock, although its formation is very different. Together with the coral stone and the amber stone, it is part of the gems with an organic origin.

The jet stone is characterized by a special striking shine and is currently considered a birthstone representing the sign of Capricorn. It is believed to have a strong connection to the earth, thus influencing the root chakra. In addition, it is related to eradicating negative behaviours because it attracts good luck and provides confidence in the face of problems.

The Black Coral

the black coral

Black coral is a biological formation with slow growth: it does not exceed one millimetre each year. However, it is hidden in the oceans under immense coral reefs that give colour and shape to the seabed. As a curiosity, here you can find out which is the largest coral reef in the world.

It is a living being that has passed a stone form. Its development occurs in complex structures of specially hardened calcium carbonate. It also presents varied colours, black being one of the most valued and striking on the market.

Black coral has been linked to several benefits for humans such as fertility and protection, as well as being able to enhance or improve health. Many people have sought it at various times to attract luck, and relieve crying, colic and general discomfort. It is also considered that it helps to face difficult situations, transmitting tranquillity and calm. It is seen as a source of good vibrations, life and action.



This stone is a mineral belonging to a group of silicates. It is characteristic black and brown. It is an indicator mineral of regional metamorphism of both medium and high grades. It frequently occurs in gneiss and granulites and is associated with garnet, sillimanite, and biotite.

It stands out for containing magnesium, iron and zinc. The amount of each mineral varies depending on the specimen of the stone. It can present light shades of white, grey and opaque. Historically, it has been used for various purposes, which is why spiritual and magical powers are attributed to it.


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