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5 Differences Between Falling In Love and Loving Someone

Falling in love

Can you identify your feelings?

Love is a beautiful feeling that becomes the deepest emotion and is difficult to explain to anyone. While everyone can feel this emotion, many cannot tell the difference between “falling in love with someone” and “loving someone.”

Understanding these two phrases can help determine how you feel about someone. Read the article below to find out the difference, yes!

1. Falling in love is about making you feel while loving someone is about making them feel

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When you fall in love with someone, you always want to be around him and know everything about his life. You also want to be involved in everything he does, so this will cause problems of jealousy and possessiveness.

However, when you love someone, you only want the best for them and don’t put aside their way of life and needs. When you love someone, you are willing to let them go if it’s better for them.

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2. Falling in love just happens while loving is a choice


Falling in love with someone just happens as an automatic response to what the mind sees as pleasurable. Falling in love can happen at any time, and this is something you have no control over. Usually, a person will fall in love with someone who represents the definition of perfection to him.

While loving someone is a choice made consciously. Loving requires constant and consistent effort, which is not like responsibility or obligation. The effort to love is like a sense of willingness to commit to loving that person at all times, despite their imperfections and flaws.

3. Falling in love still raises doubts, while loving someone will make you sure

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When you fall in love with someone, you may have doubts and anxiety about the relationship’s future. You’ll wonder, “Does this relationship last through difficult times?”, “Are we compatible with each other?”, “Does he feel the way I feel?”. Questions like these will arise when your madness in the phase of falling in love begins to fade.

Unlike when you love someone, you will accept that there are always ups and downs in a relationship and realize that your emotions and those of him can vary greatly. With a feeling of acceptance, you will be sure of your choice to love him.

4. Falling in love tends to be short while loving someone will last longer


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While this doesn’t apply to everyone, falling in love usually doesn’t last long. The infatuation of being in love can fade as quickly as it arrives. This is because falling in love can come from attraction, desire, and lust.

Loving someone tends to last a long time because it is a conscious choice. When you love someone, you also decide to stay with them for who they really are and are willing to put in the time and effort to see them grow better.

Some people can love each other without actually falling in love again. This can happen when the feelings of infatuation have faded, but there is still a healthy closeness and interdependence. As we age, the emotional closeness of loving someone will become far more important than the emotional intensity of falling in love.

5. Falling in love makes you obsessed with having him while loving someone makes you want to be his partner

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When you are in love, you become possessive and see other people as a way to fulfill your needs, whether the other person is happy or not the way you are. You are obsessed with having him because your happiness is based on him.

However, when you love someone, you act like you are working together as a team. When two souls love each other, they will choose to commit to each other, share experiences, and grow and move forward together.

The difference in meaning between “falling in love with someone” and “loving someone” is sometimes subtle. Of course, falling in love with someone can also lead to loving them.

After you read the article above, are you now able to identify your feelings for him?

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