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5 Best Minecraft Cottages You Can Easily Build

minecraft cottages

Construction in Minecraft is one of the basic pillars, as is survival. And what does it take to survive? Build a Minecraft Cottages. We show you some simple cottages for beginners.

Creating a good home and settling down can be something every good Minecraft player wants. However, not always one can build a mansion, perhaps first you have to start small and brick by brick.

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to show you 5 types of simple cottages for players that have just started in Minecraft and that can be built with ease. If you’ve already tired of a small cubicle, here are some examples to take the next step:

5 Types of Simple Minecraft cottages (Houses) You Can Build Easily

Basic house with warehouse and stable

This is the house of the cover image. The design belongs to Zaypixel and allows to enable a considerable space without many resources, beyond taking advantage of the two heights.

On the ground floor, you can build a warehouse, a stable and even a guest room. In addition, the two heights offer better views, allow greater protection against threats and add a touch of beauty and distinction to the building.

House Inside The Mountain

minecraft cottage

Although many do not realize it, building a house in the mountains is possible and can be a really useful idea as well as modern. This house is very easy to build.

For example, the Architecture Style channel creates a very attractive design, but the good thing about these types of houses is that they allow each player’s imagination to be unleashed. In addition, depending on the lighting, you will get a very cosy atmosphere.

House On The Sea

minecraft sea house

And speaking of houses in unusual places … A house on the water is not bad at all, right? The advantages are many and although it may seem a bit cumbersome, the good thing about it is that it can be adapted to all kinds of shapes.

It offers protection and isolation and also allows the structure itself to be spread in a modular way without having to eat a lot of the head. Attentive to this Shock Frost design.

Barrack House For Multiplayer

Barrack House Minecraft

If what you like is playing with friends and living in a commune, this bar designed by One Team allows you to have several rooms and take advantage of the heights to offer safe space for a warehouse or a small garden. What do you think?

House On Pillars

minecraft House on pillars

If you want to complicate yourself a bit more and make a more modern design and seek high-level protection, a house on pillars like this one from Greg Builds may be what you are looking for. Lots of interior space, distinctive, ability to compartmentalize …

If you like these Minecraft Houses ideas and want to add more joy to your game, we have a full list of all the cheats for you.

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